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Ann Coulter just got read for filth by the lesbian ex-mayor of Houston — again!

Late last month, semi-sentient broomstick/talking head Ann Coulter decided to casually outrage everyone with an offhand tweet that implies gay people should be blamed for Hurricane Harvey.

According to Coulter, God is allegedly angry about all the gay sex that we insist on having with each other.

This led Houston’s former mayor Annise Parker to respond three days later:

Now, in her first interview since Coulter skunked everyone for kicks, Annise Parker acknowledged the tweet by saying: “You don’t try to deal rationally with stupid.”

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The reason it took her three days to respond to Coulter’s latest mouthful of warm urine?

“I was dealing with busloads of people who’d been evacuated from eight and ten feet of water and I was focused on doing the right thing there. So I didn’t look at Twitter for, like, three days. And so, it was a delayed response. Someone pointed it out to me, and I just started laughing hysterically. Something that absurd, that kind of mean-spirited, absurd remark, you don’t deal with – you don’t try to deal rationally with stupid. You just run with it.”

Apparently, people are really vibing on the idea that she can control the weather with her mind.

“So now I have this whole thing going. I started getting requests for my weather powers. So, we had actually a really spectacular day today. It’s much cooler than it’s been. So I took credit for it this morning….

Some right-wing religionist or pastor or commentator makes some comment like that… those kind of comments come up again and again. I do believe in climate change and I do believe hurricanes and weather are changing, and I do believe human beings have had a significant role in this recent change in global temperatures.”

If you want to help the non-profit Parker is working with, BakerRipley, you can visit their website here.

Listen to the interview below: 

h/t: Huffington Post

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    • jkb

      Lady implies civility…just sayin

  • jckfmsincty

    Shouldn’t Ann be preparing for her run in the Kentucky Derby?

    • ivanw222

      She can’t run in the Derby, you have to be the whole horse, not just the horse’s ass

    • 1EqualityUSA

      woof! good one.

  • Celtic

    Ann Coulter is a demonic smut mouth, slut mouth who has Freon for blood. She should be burned alive at the stake for being the Satanic [b]witch she is. Too bad we no longer allow such punishment.

    • surreal33

      OMG I love you!!!

  • justyouandi

    I don’t even know where to begin ……… Ann referenced the religious fanatics who suggested that hurricanes are a result of God’s wrath due to homosexuality, and how absurd it is. But what is even more absurd is saying that hurricanes are a result of climate change. And, yes, I agree that man-made global warming is the biggest hoax of the century.

    Some people see the devil around every corner. They see bigotry in the rising of the sun. Please!

    • jjose712

      The fact that you are not inteligent enough doesn’t change the facts.
      Nobody is saying that hurricanes are a result of climate changes what people are saying is that climate change will make hurricanes more extreme.

      And climate change is pretty obvious for people who has certain age, nobody says the climate is going to change in a little time, but being narrow minded and only wanted to see what’s in front your eyes and claiming hoax to something you don’t want to see don’t make you look smart

  • jsmu

    Coulter is the Second Stage of Meth, with Tamale Liarin the first and C*ntyanne Goebbels the third. Look up the meme :)

  • My2Cents

    I am more annoyed by the mis-characterization of her tweet, then the actual tweet. In the tweet SHE DOES NOT imply gay people should be blamed for the storm! In fact, she specifically states she doesn’t believe that. She is pointing out that the climate change theory is even less believable than that.

    That is the part that should be blowing our minds and getting us angry. That this idiot is continuing to spread the “climate change is a hoax” theory based on nothing more than her hope. Let’s not muddy the water with unnecessary outrage.

    • Creamsicle

      It’s telling that the biggest pushers of the “climate change is a hoax,” line have absolutely no scientific background or training. They just have loud voices and big audiences. Actual scientists have data to back them up, and peer reviewed publications in reputable academic journals.

      Of course that kind of disparity in legitimacy typically just fuels conspiracy nuts and convinces them that the entire establishment is in on it. They’ll tell themselves that they’re some of the few who can see through it because they are oh so special for not being properly educated on the topic.

      It’s the difference between listening to someone who’s watched a few videos on YouTube try to explain what’s wrong with your car versus listening to someone who has had proper training and years of experience tell you exactly what parts need to be replaced and just how long it’s likely to take.

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