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Ann Coulter Tells Marc Lamont Hill What Blacks Are Thinking

“It has to do with civilization, and civilization requires a mother and a father,” Ann Coulter insisted on Larry King Live last night. Suddenly a cable news “get” after telling the GOProud gays at Homocon they have no right to marriage equality, Coulter’s stand-up routine is both refreshing and predictable. How’s that possible?

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  • greenluv1322

    What are her credentials, exactly? She just sounds like a right-wing gas bag.

  • Kade Madison

    Ann Coulter is such a fucking idiot.

  • George

    She’s been hittng the pipe again

  • David

    Ann is making a statement that says children need two parents. Why is this anathema to liberals? Every study done on the subject fully bears her out. Can you find exceptions? sure. But, as a general rule, children need two parents.

    Ann Coulter may be unpopular, she may be unpleasant, but on this subject she is correct.

  • Lamar

    @David: 25% of US presidents (including the first president and the current one) have been raised by or born to a single parent. The whole “children need two parents to be normal” is unproven and ludicrous, people just believe it because lots of people say it. It’s like the “men think about sex every 7 seconds” crap that people believe without seriously thinking it through.

  • Kaderade

    She didn’t want him to blame crack for the denegration of African American families because she smokes it. See, Ann… special interests.

  • 7

    @David: I don’t see many single gays fighting for the right to adopt, so I don’t know who you’re addressing with this.

    It goes like this: Society says, to adopt a child, you must provide for it a family. A family, society says, is a close network of people that create a positive environment for each other, built around a nuclear family, which, society says, is built around two married human beings committed to each other.

    This is all acceptable.

    However, law then says that gay couples cannot adopt children, presumably because, according to society, unmarried gays do not a nuclear family make. When a gay couple wants/tries to get married, the law comes back and says that they can’t do that either, presumably because the law finds gay people to be ‘not good enough’ to marry. So, gay couples can’t adopt if they’re not married, but they can’t marry because the law thinks society would rather not deal with that – the ‘ick’ factor of simplifying gay people to the basest act of gay sex.

    Ann Coulter thinks this is acceptable, but would also prefer if gay people would disappear so as to not even have to think to come up with the visual image of the ick factor people like her call upon to marginalize us everyday.

    So you see, she’s not right. The word ‘wrong’ is less apt than ‘evil,’ because she perpetuates the conservative image of ‘the homosexual’ – a drugged-up, immoral nymphomaniac that preys upon ‘good men and boys’ and only seeks society’s acceptance in order to ‘convert’ and, presumably, devour more victims.

    This is why one cannot argue with people like her: you could be a successful tea-total economist with a doctor husband, two kids in private school, a good credit score, no long-term debt, a clean bill of health, a healthy relationship with friends and family, a history of charitable donations and going to Church on Sundays, and she would still look you in the eyes and tell you that you are worthless. An abomination. That the world would be better if you had never been born.

    As I see it, this is what we are fighting for: our image. We want to get married, we want to raise children, we want to have steady jobs with good pay, we want to be seen as equals in the workforce, in the suburbs, in the schoolyards. But these people, who cannot see us in any positive light, call us ‘activist homosexuals,’ saying that we want to ‘change society’. We don’t. We want to change how society sees us. So we have to ram legislation and court decisions down its throat. We wish it didn’t have to be this way, but we are dying. Our children are dying, our soldiers are being dismissed, our workers are losing their jobs, and we, for no reason, are being bullied, beaten, and murdered on the streets, around the world. The point of the legislation, the point of the lawsuits, the point of our fighting is to let people see that we are just as common as anyone else. We get married, have kids, have financial trouble, fight, break-up, get back together, drink, play, work, study, love, just like anyone else. The people who will listen, who will see how normal we are and learn to accept us as human beings, we fight for them, so they can see us. The ones who will never accept us, who would keep abortion legal if only to prevent the births of more ‘menaces to society’ – the Ann Coulters of the world – we need only to outlive them. Soon, they will be a minor blip in history, and we will be seen not merely as fags or dykes or trannies, but as people, living our lives, making the best of what we have. I firmly believe that we’ll be more accepted than rejected as people before the mid-century mark, but until then, we have to keep fighting hatred. Because when we win, we live.

    Sorry about the speech/essay, got a bit caught up in it…

  • southpaugh

    Ann Coulter is very clever. None of her arguements are founded in reality, but that’s okay because the audience she plays to are trained from infancy to believe unblievable things, relying on unseen authority to dictate acceptable concepts of reality, and unquestioning loyalty to that authority. Anything anybody says under the weight of that authority literally becomes an extension of gospel, which is the outline prescribed by the unseen authority by its agents. As long as nobody exposes the basic premise of her ideology as frauduent, she can get away with anything. Since it’s based on emotion rather than logic, the more inflamatory she makes things, the more indesputable her claims seem to the convinced. So, she proclaims stridently, quickly, overwhelmingly, like any bully, never stopping to absorb an amount of reality staring her in the face. She conseeds nothing, and always changes the subject when substance counters her assertions. She makes alot of money being obtuse, and prolifically writes about her delusions so she can refer to her books as proof of her convictions as if each citation were independant authority. She is the emboiment of the fraud of “might makes right” and “my country, right or wrong.”

    I doubt Coulter has any feelings about gays. She is a textbook sociopath, lacking empathy or any degree of other feelings or emotions. She only considers them, along with any other humans, in terms of how gays existence effects her and can enhance or enrich her lot. Gays are a very fertile, emotionally charged. easy target for her.

    Puts her whole personna into perspective, doesn’t it?

  • Pip

    Forget Ann Coulter. That Marc Lamont guy is awesome.

  • Jim

    I guess what I want to know is how are Ann’s comments not grounded in reality?

    Children need two parents and often operate better with a mother and father present (backed up by research).

    Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell does not mean that gay men cannot serve.

    Her point about Barack Obama alienating the population is a strong argument, one that I can personally agree with, being that I feel alienated by his odd strategic decisions.

    He has a long history and past associated with Bill Ayres – a home grown terrorist.

    What Democrats, like Lamont does, is also to alienate people. The Tea Party is not a party of ‘looney’ ‘crazy’ people – they represent a LARGE population of the people. And to call them stupid, or xenophobes, or racists, is essentially problematic and counter to progress.

    I think liberals need to examine THEIR speech when they attack conservatives. I realize many conservatives speak truth that liberals have a hard time swallowing and vice versa. The difference is that liberals complain when facts are brought up – and conservatives are able to make a valid arguable point.

    Rethink 2012.

  • ewe

    I think marc lamont is intelligent but i truly do not sense that he has any close gay friends. It’s just a feeling i get.

  • jacknasty

    @Jim. Just because you say “(backed up by research)” doesn’t mean anything, you need to actually cite a source. Regardless, the argument that children do better with two parents has nothing to do with wether or not gay people should be allowed to marry. It is a logical fallacy.

    If you would like something that is “(backed up by research)” childrent raised by lesbians have few psychological problems and actually rate BETTER than average for Americans

  • jacknasty


    Please try and find any facts to back up any of your or Ann Coulter’s arguments. You will not find any, everything you list as a fact is either a broad generalization “[children] often operate better with a mother and father present” or is just made up “[the tea party] represent a large population of the people]”.

  • ewe

    @jacknasty: so true. Not to mention that of course it is harder to be gay parents in this ignorant culture and thereby possibly more difficult for the children of gay people because of the haters in our ignorant culture who by the way are predominantly straight. End of discussion. Ann Coulter is a cunt.

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