“Answers” And More Questions In Very Queer Kern Case

Sally Kern’s ears must be on fire, because we just can’t stop talking about her! First came the Oklahoma lawmakers infamous rant and then we had that whole “first amendment” debate. The juiciest story of all came yesterday, when we looked into rumors that Kern and her husband, Dr. Steve Kern, had and hid a homo son, Jesse.

Dr. Kern, who’s a Baptist preacher, issued a statement to squash those gay rumors – and perpetuate some others. It’s actually very clever:

Our son is not gay. We would still love him if he was, but that would not change the fact that homosexuality is a chosen life style and that we would pray for our son to have a change of heart. My heart goes out to the many parents who have lost sons to AIDs [sic] and other STDs. Those kinds of deaths are tragic because they could have been avoided.

Ah, yes, we gay folk are simply crawling with infection! We practically are AIDS!

Meanwhile, more internet chatter led us to the Oklahoma State Courts Network, a beautiful internet archive of the state’s criminal records. And guess what we found?! Three – count ’em, three! – cases against a man named Jesse Jacob Kern, who may or may not be related to Sally and Steve Kern, who just happen to have a son named Jesse.

The first Kern case involved some attempted oral sodomy and went down, so to speak, on March 27, 1989. That charge was dismissed by request of the state on June 9, 1989. What’s most interesting, however, is that this Mr. Kern just happened to be in court on that same day on a charge of trying to “obtain money by false pretenses,” whatever that means. Kern also stepped up to a driving under suspension charge. He was convicted of both on October 10, 1989.

That must have been a hard year for this Jesse Jacob Kern – and his parents are definitely to blame!

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  • fanboi

    has anyone spoken to the son?

  • John

    That’s remarkable. It certainly fits the stereotype, anyway. Nice reporting, Queerty.

  • kevin57

    All this cries out for further investigation.

    These two Kerns just don’t know how NOT to keep putting their feet in their mouths!

  • Paul Raposo

    Excellent reporting, Andrew! Although I don’t like presenting the private lives of our enemies family as ammo against our enemies; I think it is somewhat helpful in showing how much damage these type of anti-gay people can do to thier own blood and makes one wonder how much damage they are willing to do to those not related to them.

  • Alexa

    Did you see Perez took credit for finding about her gay son?

    I don’t always blame parents when their kids do something wrong, but in this case it seems obvious they are to blame. Not for him being gay, of course, but for messing his head up, probably while trying to straighten him out.

  • pendragon

    Hmmmmmmm. What a coinkydink!

  • Darth Paul

    Very typical that Daddy Kern’s retort omits lesbians entirely. I guess our sisters are STD-free and/or not “real” people.

  • Dion

    It appears that this same Steve kern (Mr. Sally Kern) was a KKK leader while living in Boise a while back. These Kerns would have to clean up their act to appear on “Jerry Springer.”

  • Redwoodguy

    Gosh, how surprised are we supposed to be at the continuous bigotry and hypocrasy of the Religious Right? And Dion is right, even these scummy parents would have to do a lot just to get on Jerry’s show! I can’t wait until the Kerns discover that we are also the cause of Hurricanes and we have just created one with their name on it!

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

    Enjoying gay sex IS a chosen “lifestyle.” What’s wrong with that? Some days I choose it and some days I don’t. I could choose otherwise on any given day.

    Why must some people who feel particularly strong homoerotic leanings insist on calling their leanings inborn or genetic and definitely NOT chosen. A lot of gay guys and gals think of themselves as having CHOSEN to be gay. What is wrong with that? Why must the orthodox gay intelligentsia insist that gayness is inborn?

    We’re not gonna be free until we break out of binary molds of thinking. Some days I feel queer and some days I love me some hot pussy. Why must I corral my desires into one camp or the other and then say “I was born this way. I’m gay.”? That is so much gibberish. Some guys just like cock so much that they adopt all kinds of “gay” mannerisms and frequently engage in gay sex.

    I renounce the identity politics that underpin so much “gay” writing. Time to move on and get truly liberated. In truth, there is no such thing as a “gay” person. There are only “gay” acts and “gay” mannerisms, etc. The truth is everyone is sexual. Period. Not “gay” or “straight” or “bi.” Just SEXUAL. Dig it? PASSIONAL. Imbued with DIVINE LOVE SEXUAL DESIRE.

  • thismomentnow

    You guys are rocking on this story! Thanks a lot!

  • Yeek

    Hey Eleanor Roosevelt –

    You’ve got squirrels in your attic. Big ones.

  • salamander

    a search on switchboard.com reveals:

    Sally Kern
    (405) 942-3504

    Steve Kern
    (405) 942-3504

    Jesse Kern
    BOX 95349
    (405) 672-8925

  • Dave Rattigan

    If Tulsa World is correct in reporting Jesse Kern’s age as 31, he would have been 12 in 1989, when all those things took place. I think this line of inquiry could be a bit of a dead end!

  • jamesnimmo

    Sorry, guys and gals.

    Jesse Jacob Kern is of the wrong age. The arreest record has a date 1989.

    The Jesse Kern who is Sally’s son is 31. With the arithmetic done accurately, that means the Kern son would have had to be twelve years old at the time indicated in the arrest record for Jesse Jacob Kern.

  • GDad

    “Attempted sodomy”?

    Wow. That’s an interesting crime.

  • JamesNPhi

    This is a letter that I have sent to Mrs. Kern everyday for the past week and will continue to send to her until she answers it!!
    Dear Sally Kern,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have heard what you said! I am completely in shock, though I shouldn’t be, that you went on the tirade that you did about the “homosexual agenda” is ruining our country.

    First off, I would like an explanation about what the homosexual agenda is? Being gay myself, I have no agenda other then to be apart of this society without fear of being beaten up or even killed for who I am. I did not choose to be gay. Why would any individual choose to be picked on, punched and ridiculed daily for simply for who they are? I did not choose to be gay, but I will celebrate it! If you would take a moment and please tell me what the agenda is so that I can fully understand the depth of your ignorance on this subject. If you are not gay, then how on earth would you understand how a gay person feels?? How dare you say that gays are infiltrating city councils! Gay people, just like any other groups of people, have every right to run and be elected for any office that they are qualified to be in! Substitute gay for black, Jew or any other group and you can see just how offensive your statements are! I don’t know if you watch or catch the news, but I would like to point out two cases where people like you have truly hurt people. Though you did not cause these situations, your words heard by others make them feel that hurting gay people is okay! These two incidents are:

    1) In Oxnard, CA, Lawrence King, a 15 year old student was shot to death. His alleged killer was also a student at the school. Lawrence simply asked the other student to be his Valentine. The next day, this child murder pulled a gun and shot Lawrence in front of other students then handed the gun to a teacher! All Lawrence did was be himself and now he is being buried! Do you truly think that this is okay?? I certainly hope not!!

    2) In Fort Lauderdale, FL, Simmie Williams Jr was killed Feb. 23, 2008 was shot and killed simply and only because he was gay. The police are investigating the crime as a hate (read killed because he was gay) based on words that witnesses say were exchanged before the shooting! Killed simply because he was gay! Again I ask, do you think that this is okay?

    Gay children all over this country are growing up in fear of their lives because of this “abnormal” hatred towards them! These two young men were killed simply because they were gay and for no other reason! I can not for the life of me understand why you decided to say that gays are more detrimental to this country than terrorism! Gay children are killed by terrorists every day simply for being who they are!

    Again, though I doubt you will respond, what is the gay agenda? If it includes trying our hardest to stop these senseless acts from occurring, then yes, there is a gay agenda! Gay people do not want to “recruit” children. I, for one, have never once known another gay person to try to get children to come to the gay side! I am in a monogamous relationship with the same person for the past four and half years (longer then many straights have been married). We love each other, just as you and your husband Steve love each other! All we want to do is be able to rent or buy a home together and grow old together with the protection of laws on our side! We are not out here trying to break up your family, so why condemn me and my family??

    I am saddened by your lack of understanding for what it truly means to be gay! I am a Christian, attend a Christian church, and in my church we are taught that God loves us for who we are. He will not turn us away because of what we wear, how much we own, or who we love! If all people are made in God’s image, then I too, as a gay man, have been made in his image!

    I only ask that you take the time out of your busy schedule to respond to me and what I have said! I hope that you realize that it is words that do inspire people to do things! Look at Hitler and what his words were able to compel people to do! Words do hurt, and just because you didn’t pull the trigger, you haven’t done anything to stop the trigger from being pulled! Take the time to actually speak with a gay person who has been gay bashed and maybe then you will understand our struggles growing up in a society that believes it’s okay to hurt someone because of their sexuality!

    Again, I would like a response, but am doubtful you will respond! I hope that I have opened up your eyes a little bit! If you do not believe me about the killings, simply Google their names and you will understand.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Michael

    This is shamful what you have written here. You give Gay people a bad name and do nothing to promote nonviolence towards gay’s. It’s pure unadultrated slander (evil speaking of other people). You really show your true colors when you post dirt like this.

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