Anti-Gay Activists “Prey” On Trans Panic


That’s the only word to describe a new Focus On The Family radio ad describing trans folk as “predators” who want nothing more than the feed off the flesh of the state’s students.

The commercial comes as Governor Bill Ritter debates whether or not to sign or veto a Senate Bill including sexuality and gender identity in the state’s non-discrimination legislation. And you can bet Focus and their friends are pulling out all the stops to raise public panic.

Give the audio a listen, after the jump.

First, here’s the transcript:

GIRL 1: Mom! A man in a dress came into the girl’s bathroom at school today!

ANNCR: We could all be dealing with a new type of predator

WOMAN: [ambient sound under of woman getting out of car, door beep and close] Honey, there was a man using the women’s showers today at the fitness center I asked the management why?!…They said it was Colorado law!

ANNCR: And instead of our kids worrying about finals and the prom they’ll have to worry about who’s in the bathroom with them at school.

GIRL 2: [SFX: ambient hall noise, lockers close] No way I’m going in there I’d rather wait all day than go in there if he’s in there, too.

ANNCR: Most Coloradans understand our children must be protected from predators. But if Governor Bill Ritter won’t veto Senate Bill 200, all public restrooms – including those in our public schools – will be open to anyone of any sex. The Colorado Legislature, which is under control of the Democrat Party – has already passed SB200, but Governor Ritter still has time to veto it.

Then the ominous, yet concerned narrator instructs riled parents to call Ritter and demand social injustice. Ritter’s expected to sign or veto the bill by June 5th.