Anti-Gay AFA Claims Victory In McD’s Boycott

Sure, they may be vehemently homophobic and generally awful, but we have to give the American Family Association credit for their ability to spin bullshit into conservative gold.

The Mississippi-based organization this year launched a campaign against McDonald’s after the fast chain sponsored the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

And, as if that’s not enough, the company’s VP of communications, a gay man named Richard Ellis, sat on the Chamber’s board and had donated $200,000 of his own money. The nerve!

Nothing seemed to come of that protest – there was no national outrage, no golden arches fell – yet the AFA asserted today that they’ve won their hard-fought battle…

Because of AFA supporters like you, McDonald’s has told AFA they will remain neutral in the culture war regarding homosexual marriage. AFA is ending the boycott of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s said McDonald’s Vice President Richard Ellis has resigned his position on the board of NGLCC and that his seat on the board will not be replaced. McDonald’s also said that the company has no plans to renew their membership in NGLCC when it expires in December.

In an e-mail to McDonald’s franchised owners the company said, “It is our policy to not be involved in political and social issues. McDonald’s remains neutral on same sex marriage or any ‘homosexual agenda’ as defined by the American Family Association.”

The AFA takes that last bit to be an endorsement of their stagnant ideology, but it reads – to us, at least – like a bit of a blow-off to the AFA and their definitive ways. If it’s not – well, that’s just weak.

Our friend Cole Wakefield, who writes for Nashville’s Out and About, spoke with a McDonald’s media person this afternoon and was told Ellis’ leaving had nothing to do with the AFA protest. He moved to Canada for personal reasons, apparently. McDonald’s has yet to release an official media statement, nor are we sure they will. We wish they would, though. It would be great to see the AFA taken down a bit, especially since they do this shit all the time.

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  • Someone

    Yep, the AFA “won.” The last paragraph of their statement talking about the e-mail that McDonald’s sent its franchisees proves it. Go back into your closet where you belong.

  • Someone

    Oh, and let me guess. . .you’d get your little undies in a bunch if McDonald’s decided to contribute to the anti-gay marriage agenda wouldn’t you? You people are so hypocritical it makes me gag.

  • Keith

    lol “Culture War”. Why is it that right wingers have to be at war with something at all times?

  • Sniff

    ::sniff:: ::sniff:: Does anyone else smell a troll?

  • No 4

    I know someone in the AFA that uses dildos and his wife don’t know it. MMMMMHmmmmmm. YUP! It’s true. But he don’t eat McDonald’s so at least he keeps that facade up. I don’t eat it either though…it seriously makes me poo bad.

  • a. mcewen

    Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what is true. The AFA will repeat the lie ad naseum. They have already started on their so-called news site.

  • Someone

    No 4, I think it might be having something rammed up what’s supposed to be “exit only” that makes you poo bad.

  • Louie B

    It’s nice to know that the AFA has power to make gay advocates back down. It’s a sick perversion to be gay, and it needs to be put out of society;)

  • Scott

    More AFA foolishness. McDonald’s just came out of a strong 3rd quarter which exceeded their financial predictions. As a result, they’ve announced a 33% increase in shareholder dividends. That certainly doesn’t square with the AFA’s touting claim about the effectiveness of their ‘boycott’. Even if the AFA did get an email from someone authorized to speak for McDonald’s, (which I doubt) it’s possibly just corporate PR spin capitalizing on an unrelated change affecting Ellis, in an effort to pacify the already deluded AFA.

  • mark

    McDonalds as a patron who increased my visits to your restaurant, after you faced the AFA boycott, I find your gratitude UNDERWHELMING.
    F*ck It, I can by a burger lots of OTHER places.

  • Robert

    People like Louis B don’t have a life, so they have to vicariously keep other people from living, too.

    Last I checked, many heteros “did it doggy style” yet where is the outrage? And, many gays don’t do anal (I don’t) so quit the fascination with poop.

  • bob

    I would like to take this opportunity to take this time to share a few thoughts on PROP 8. First I truly believe marriage is a bond between a man and a woman. Life intended a male and female to be attracted to each other to reproduce so they would have children and populate the planet (this would be the meaning of a family). In a time where sexual perversion is flexible and more accepted, we have come to crossroads. If homosexuality is one’s choice no one can stop people from practicing. It is unfortunate that homosexuality is being forced down our throats from media to public displays of affection. If a person has the right to be gay I should have the right to shield myself and children from it. Although one person believes it is right another believes its wrong how do we decide what is wrong and what is right? Through compromise. If you want to live and love a same sex individual fine, but the compromise is you shouldn’t have the right to the definition of marriage which through history states: A BOND BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. Now the day two people of the same sex can procreate without the help of science then you can say that they have a bond to a family thus be wedded. It is unfortunate that wealthy celebrities and politicians who can buy what they want can buy their ways to take away from heterosexuals what we hold sacred. Just because gay people say they are in love that they have the right to get married well lets see lets let brothers and sisters that say they love each other and want to marry each other get married too…. hey want to get married to your aunt or uncle hey go for it, lets not put limits to marriage its just a piece of paper right. Well I don’t think so where do we draw the line what if a 16 year old wanted to marry a 60 year old what if they said they are in love should they get married? We must take a stand and that stand starts with a yes vote on prop 8 before we open the gates to more immoral scrutiny against the all American family.

  • Karl

    Glad I don’t eat at McDee’s anyway. Well, except for the occasional stopby. But that stops as of today!

  • Someone

    WELL SAID, BOB!!! Thank you :-)!

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