Anti-Gay AFA Claims Victory In McD’s Boycott

Sure, they may be vehemently homophobic and generally awful, but we have to give the American Family Association credit for their ability to spin bullshit into conservative gold.

The Mississippi-based organization this year launched a campaign against McDonald’s after the fast chain sponsored the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

And, as if that’s not enough, the company’s VP of communications, a gay man named Richard Ellis, sat on the Chamber’s board and had donated $200,000 of his own money. The nerve!

Nothing seemed to come of that protest – there was no national outrage, no golden arches fell – yet the AFA asserted today that they’ve won their hard-fought battle…

Because of AFA supporters like you, McDonald’s has told AFA they will remain neutral in the culture war regarding homosexual marriage. AFA is ending the boycott of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s said McDonald’s Vice President Richard Ellis has resigned his position on the board of NGLCC and that his seat on the board will not be replaced. McDonald’s also said that the company has no plans to renew their membership in NGLCC when it expires in December.

In an e-mail to McDonald’s franchised owners the company said, “It is our policy to not be involved in political and social issues. McDonald’s remains neutral on same sex marriage or any ‘homosexual agenda’ as defined by the American Family Association.”

The AFA takes that last bit to be an endorsement of their stagnant ideology, but it reads – to us, at least – like a bit of a blow-off to the AFA and their definitive ways. If it’s not – well, that’s just weak.

Our friend Cole Wakefield, who writes for Nashville’s Out and About, spoke with a McDonald’s media person this afternoon and was told Ellis’ leaving had nothing to do with the AFA protest. He moved to Canada for personal reasons, apparently. McDonald’s has yet to release an official media statement, nor are we sure they will. We wish they would, though. It would be great to see the AFA taken down a bit, especially since they do this shit all the time.