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Anti-Gay Bishop’s Unsavory Past Biting Back?

Another unholy scandal? Bishop John-David Schofield of San Jaoquin, California recently led his Anglican flock out of the US-based Episcopal church. Why? Because the Americans are too soft on the gays, so Schofield and his pious posse have aligned themselves with South American-based Anglican Church of the Southern Cone. Such a move isn’t that surprising – the Anglicans have been debating the gays for years. Schofield’s past, however, may have played a role in his queer repulsion:

[Shofield] previously attributed his views on homosexuality to his experience of Fresno-based ex-gay group New Creation Ministries.

Although he has been candid about his support for ex-gay ministry, Schofield denies claims that he is or ever has been homosexual. A 1995 newsletter from Voice of Integrity, a pro-gay Episcopalian group, said the Bishop “told members of his clergy that he was a “cured homosexual”.”

Schofield denies making such a statement. While we’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, we can’t ignore this internet comment:

As I said, I will state my experience with David Schofield…in court. I know of one other young man (well not young now) who had an almost similar experience to mine. When he told me his experience, it was as if he knew part of what happened to me. David propositioned me on two separate occasions, once in Inverness and once in Paso Robles.

It would be interesting to track down all those young men (emphasis on young) [who] went on retreats in Inverness from about 1972-1980 and see how many of them had similar bed-time experiences. Anyone reading this have an experience they’d like to share?

Just throwing that out there…