Anti-Gay Tweet From Red Bull NASCAR Member Crashes And Burns

If only Red Bull gave you brains, a former tire changer for the energy drink’s NASCAR team would still have his job.

Red Bull recently sacked Jeremy Fuller from their NASCAR team for tweeting a picture of a rainbow sign for SF pride (pictured) and commenting, “This is way (sic) I don’t live here.”

Later, a fan tweeted in response “if we could get rid of them, it’d be a lot better” to which Fuller replied, “lol… don’t we all wish.”

Red Bull caught wind of Fuller’s Sunday tweet and promptly fired him by Tuesday. He then began backtracking by deleting the posts everything saying that he wasn’t anti-gay or that he even posted the response to the fan.

Yeah, we’ve all heard this before. Remember when Soulja Boy told his racist fans they were “white faggots” and then said he was hacked? Exactly.

That being said, Michael Myers, the guy who runs the website and broke the coverage on Fuller’s tweets, said that before this incident he had never experienced any anti-gay bias in his long career covering NASCAR:

“My first unfortunate negative story went up today,” Myers said. “That was kind of sad to have to post that. … I don’t want his actions to reflect on NASCAR. I really have been blown away how easily this has gone for me and how everyone has accepted me in the sport. I’ve had nothing negative at all until this one time.”

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  • Atlas

    I feel the need to watch that unicorn movie now. I loved that shit as a little homo.

  • gregger

    Michael Myers may not have had any anti-gay bias since he is “covering” NASCAR, in short because he’s media. I spent my teenage years in Daytona Beach going to school and hanging out with Brian France. I also knew Brian’s grandfather Big Bill France and dad Bill Jr, there were routine queer and fag comments. Brian (now the chairman of NASCAR) was told not to hang out with “that queer.” This attitude was still prevalent less than five years ago when a closeted friend who worked for NASCAR told me about the employee only banquet where Brian, at the podium, was supposed to have made the comment “at least we don’t have queers in NASCAR.” Yes they do have “queers” and a lot more than they think.

    Not a fan of NASCAR, the majority of the fans, or the negligible income it gives vs the cost to each town they have a speedway.

  • ~PR~

    @Atlas: The Last Unicorn!!!! YAY!!!!!

  • christopher di spirito

    Good for NASCAR!

    Truth told, I don’t understand NASCAR. I sat down one Sunday a few years ago and tried to watch and see what all the hoopla is about and after an hour of watching cars going ’round, and ’round, and ’round a giant track, I got board and turned off the TV.

    But still good for NASCAR.

  • Danielle

    @Atlas: The Last Unicorn is still one of most EPIC anime films to come out of the 80’s! I still love that movie! xD

    @gregger: Agreed. NASCAR is one more bastion of homophobia that really needs a reality check.

    @christopher di spirito: It wasn’t NASCAR that dropped the ruling and fired the guy. It was Red Bull. They have a corporate image to uphold, after all. Good for them, though.

  • gregger

    @Danielle: If the drivers, pit crew members, and execs that suck dick would admit it, the wall of homophobia that NASCAR is built on would fall.

  • Danielle

    @gregger: Very good point.

  • Ogre Magi

    @~PR~: I loved the talking cat in The Last Unicorn

  • ~PR~

    @Ogre Magi: He was cool! Creepy too.

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