Apple CEO Tim Cook Tells Obama Cybersecurity Means Life Or Death For Too Many LGBTs

tim_cook_2161982b“People have entrusted us with their most personal and precious information. We owe them nothing less than the best protections that we can possibly provide…We believe we can bring about a future that embraces both privacy and security. We must get this right. History has shown us that sacrificing our right to privacy can have dire consequences. We still live in a world where all people are not treated equally. Too many people do not feel free to practice their religion, or express their opinion, or love who they choose — a world in which that information can make the difference between life and death. If those of us in positions of responsibility fail to do everything in our power to protect the right to privacy, we risk something far more valuable than money. We risk our way of life.”

— Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking to President Obama and others during the White House summit on cybersecurity and consumer protection in Palo Alto, California.