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Are You Bringing a Camera to the National Equality March? Queerty Wants You


If you’re heading to Washington D.C. next weekend for the National Equality March, and you’re bringing a photo or video camera, let Queerty know — because we’d love to enlist you as a photo/videographer.

The pay isn’t much, but if you’re planning to shoot the historic weekend anyhow, why not earn a little scratch? We’ll also work to ensure you have full press credentials, granting you greater access to all official events.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

* Photographers or videographers who plan to attend the march on Oct. 11. Bonus points if you’re also attending events earlier on in the weekend. (Please mention what you plan on attending.)
* You must be able to edit and upload throughout the weekend (i.e. not just once at the end of the weekend). This means you’ll need Internet access throughout the weekend.
* For photographers, we’re looking for still shots showing a wide range of participants, organizers, and official speakers.
* For videographers, we’re looking for atmosphere/event footage, as well as interviews with attendees and speakers. Please make sure you’re comfortable approaching strangers. Really.
* If you can submit material live from the field, even better! This includes live Twitter/TwitPics, etc.
* Please send links (not attachments) to samples of your work, whether on Flickr, YouTube, or your own homepage.

Think you’re a good fit? Email us at [email protected] with the subject “NEM COVERAGE” (and NOT leave comments in the post) and give us your name, contact details (including phone number), links to samples of your work, and, most importantly, why you think you’ll be a good fit for this.