If you build it

Armie Hammer has been keeping his hands busy during the pandemic

Armie Hammer has an impressive twelve acting credits listed on his IMDB page since 2017’s Oscar-winning gay love story, Call Me By Your Name, but his latest gig is quite the departure: construction worker. And no, he’s not researching for a future role.

Hammer, who recently announced he’d split from his wife, took to Instagram on his birthday to update fans on what he’s been up to lately, and profess his love for his bff, Ashton.

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“This one of my best friends, Ashton,” Hammer wrote. “For the last 2 months or so I have lived with Ashton, worked construction with Ashton, and hiked with Ashton every day. He has been such a good friend (and boss) and has been the most supportive friend anyone could ever ask for. Today might be my birthday, but I just wanna say thank you to @ashtonramsey and say I love you dude.”

Seeing as Hammer also has two projects on the horizon, we suspect he’ll be back to acting soon.

And we’re still holding onto hope for that CMBYN sequel.