Armie Hammer tracks down transphobic audience member: “Never come back”

Image from the Broadway production of

Tickets to Broadways shows are anything but cheap, which makes it all the more baffling that someone would willingly purchase one only to heckle a performer with transphobic drivel.

But that’s what happened at a performance of Straight White Men this week, and the cast is speaking out against the terribly rude disruption.

Among the show’s cast are Call Me By Your Name star Armie Hammer and trans performer and activist Kate Bornstein.

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It was when the latter delivered the opening line of the play — “Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and the rest of us” — when a woman in the audience yelled, “You’re not welcome here.”

The woman and her husband also reportedly booed throughout the show and were never removed from the theater.

Bornstein addressed the incident in a Facebook post, saying the woman “could not have been more wrong.”

Here’s her full post:

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Armie Hammer also took to Twitter to offer this message to the unruly audience member:

In response to Hammer’s tweet, another audience member who was seated near the woman provided some details:

This led to a back-and-forth with the actor: