Attack Not A Hate Crime

Ballsy Gay Boy Bashed In Canada

Brent Jason’s definitely got a set. Rather than let a bunch of thugs talk trash about his friends, the Canadian queer spewed a few insults of his own. Unfortunately, the verbal aggression turned physical.

The brouhaha began last week outside the popular – and only – gay bar in Sudbury, Ontario, Zig’s Jason and his friends were chilling outside when a trio of men walked by, cat called the girls, insulted one of Jason’s male friends and then walked away. Jason stared them down as men strolled down the street, prompting one of them to come back. The men exchanged words and all seemed well until both Jason and the other man started in again. The Sudbury Star reports:

Before the group left, the man and Jason exchanged sexual insults and that’s when the situation got physical, [Jason’s friend Crystal Abouhanna] says.

“After that, the guy started walking towards (Jason) and I knew then and there that the guy was gonna start swinging and he did… So, Brent started turning around to walk away … the guy came at him and took a swing and then Brent backed away.

“The guy took another swing and I could see that Brent was pretty nervous because this guy was swinging at him. Then (the suspect) got him in the face and Brent got shoved into the wall. You could tell he was hurt because he touched his face right away.

The hooligans hoofed it when Abouhanna called the police. Jason, meanwhile, headed to the hospital, where a plastic surgeon confirmed his cheek’s fractured in three places – an injury which may permanently rob him of feeling on the left side of his face.

Abouhanna says she returned to the scene later, where one of the assailants allegedly returned to yell at more Zig’s patrons. The cops arrived, the man fled, but turned himself in on Thursday. Jason’s gay ways made investigators wonder if the suspect,
Kevin Romanowski should be charged with a hate crime. Considering the impetus of the fight – trash talking and general machismo – coppers have ruled that this attack is not, in fact, a hate crime. Just boys acting a fool…