“Barney Fag” For President?

Oh, come on! Radio host Lars Larson last Friday ran a faux commercial for gay Democrat Barney Frank’s fictitious presidential campaign. Here’s what “Frank” had to say for himself:

Hi, everybody. I’m Barney Frank and I’m running for president of the United States. Why? Well, because Nancy Pelosi pissed me off. Harry Reid pissed me off, and so did ol’ Barack. Ol’ Barack himself pissed me off too. I’m pissed at the Repubicans and the Democraps, and I’m going to run as an independent sort of fellow.

Now remember, this Erection Day — Election Day, vote for Barney Frank for President. I’m Barney Fag — uh, Frank and I approve this massage — message.

Larson later reiterates the right’s claim that Frank’s relationship with former Fannie Mae executive Herb Moses clouded the politician’s vision as head of the House Financial Services Committee.