“Barney Fag” For President?

Oh, come on! Radio host Lars Larson last Friday ran a faux commercial for gay Democrat Barney Frank’s fictitious presidential campaign. Here’s what “Frank” had to say for himself:

Hi, everybody. I’m Barney Frank and I’m running for president of the United States. Why? Well, because Nancy Pelosi pissed me off. Harry Reid pissed me off, and so did ol’ Barack. Ol’ Barack himself pissed me off too. I’m pissed at the Repubicans and the Democraps, and I’m going to run as an independent sort of fellow.

Now remember, this Erection Day — Election Day, vote for Barney Frank for President. I’m Barney Fag — uh, Frank and I approve this massage — message.

Larson later reiterates the right’s claim that Frank’s relationship with former Fannie Mae executive Herb Moses clouded the politician’s vision as head of the House Financial Services Committee.

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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Never trust a radio host with two first names!

    To be Frank, Barney kicks Republican Ass!

    Queer smears are not going to work this year, Repugnants!

  • fredo777


  • Darth Paul

    That’s a tired prank, even by republicunt standards.

  • Nellie Danica

    Had he used the “n” word against Barack Obama, he would have been fired. Sadly, it’s open season for gay-bashing.

  • ZeeLee

    That’s low. Very low. As in… below the belt low.

  • Leroy

    What is the largest cock Baney Fag ever had?

  • Eric

    So basically this gentleman gay or not which is besides the point, is one of or will be one of the founder fore fathers of the “New Constitution of the United Socialist Territories of His High Lordship Barrak Obama”.

    You support him because you believe in your party because it is all you know.

    I do not believe republicans and democrats are the issue. It isnt a matter of what party wants to do what. It is a matter of what the person in charge personally believes in.

    I cherish my freedoms and with out sound like a bragging self centered fool, I fought hard and bled and sweat in our military to ensure that people that he wants to allow in this country do not come here and tell you and your family what you can and cant do because of their belief.

    Who is he to take that away from us, the Soldiers and Marines, Sailors and Airmen who have fought and given their lives to earn the right to be a citizen. While the rest of Liberal American wants to complain how hard they have it and that they deserve everything while not working towards it.

    Well that is horrible. What have you done to earn it. Nothing. My fellow Marines and service members gave life and limb to see to it that your rights are not taken. And you want to hand them away on a silver spoon and bow down to your Pres- err dictator. I will put a bullet in the head of or take one in a blaze of blood before I see anyone like you taking my family’s freedoms away.

    God Bless America and that Red (Spilled Blood) White (Purity) and Blue (Liberty) that you liberals hate. But I will fight for your rights too. It is my duty and my oath, God and Country, Defend the Constitution and that Flag to the Death! Semper FI Hooyah!

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