Barney Frank Predicts the Future! Get Your Free Readin’!

We love it when politicians try to look into their crystal balls and predict what the future will look like — because, when those scenarios don’t play out, we get to point back at their statements and call them liars! Except Rep. Barney Frank thus far has a pretty decent record with tea leaves. Back in September, for example, he insisted repealing the Defense of Marriage Act is “not anything that’s achievable in the near term.” ‘Twas right! So what do Barney’s tarot cards say about other gayish stuff?

When Congress will pass ENDA and repeal DADT: This year, maybe. “I think we have a very good chance of passing [ENDA] and repealing gays in the military. Public opinion is clearly moving in our direction, especially [ among the younger generation ] . The younger people, [ they are ] the key to [ repelling “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ] . Younger people today are much less prejudice.”

When LGBT battles will be “substantially over”: Less than 20 years. By then, “I think [ LGBT issues ] will be substantially over; that is, we will have full legal equality. It may even be less if we make the same rate of progress.”

When we’ll finally have no LGBT battles to fight: In 38 years. “I see a parallel, to some extent, with anti-Semitism. When I was graduating from high school in 1958, anti-Semitism also loomed as an obstacle for my career plans. But that’s gone now [ for the most part; ] it’s not an obstacle.”

When little gay boys and girls will have an out professional athlete to look up to: Within 10 years. “Sure, there is this problem of intimacy in the locker room, so that’s why it’s going to be one of the last places [ to welcome the LGBT community ]. I think you’ll probably see more ex-athletes coming out and, as that happens, then it will be possible for current athletes to come out.”