Barney Frank Thinks Gay GOP Congressional Candidate Will Set Back Gay Rights Legislation

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) says supporting openly gay Republican Congressional candidate Richard Tisei would inevitably set back the fight for gay rights and has thrown his support behind Democratic — and straight — incumbent, Rep. John Tierney (D-MA).

Frank — who recently blasted the Log Cabin Republicans as “Uncle Toms” only to elaborate on his “admittedly very harsh criticism” — believes electing Tisei will give Republicans control of the house, effectively blocking the passage of any gay rights legislation.

The former prospective Lieutenant Governor of Massachussetts contends that as a member of the majority party he’ll be in a position to better influence the GOP on a number of issues, including gay rights. Tisei describes himself as a libertarian with conservative fiscal values who supports gay rights, access to abortion and apparently awkward displays of heterosexual affection.