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‘Bath Haus’… and 9 Other Queer Books to Read Over the Holidays

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As the holiday season approaches, we find ourselves facing that time of year where many of us will spend more time at home, in search of books to curl up with or gift to the readers in our lives. 2021 has brought a steady stream queer new releases, and plenty of reasons to revisit queer books of past years with adaptations and sequels on the way in the new year.

Here, find our top ten queer books that you’ll want to keep on your radar this holiday season – from thriller, to romance, to literary fiction.

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BATH HAUS by P.J. Vernon













Gone Girl + Grindr is all you need to know. But if that’s not enough, imagine if your worst hookup story turned into an attempted murder and a runaway-train thriller chase. Oliver Park is a recovering addict in a seemingly healthy committed relationship. Everything changes when Oliver’s partner, Nathan, goes out of town and Oliver makes the mistake of visiting a gay bath house. Once he gets there, things couldn’t go worse. And that’s just chapter one. Tis the season for a healthy dose of visceral anxiety.

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