Batwoman is DC Comics’ First Headlining Gay Superhero

A “lesbian socialite by night and a crime-fighter by later in the night”, Katherine “Kate” Kane is subbing in for the Caped Crusader while he remains, well– dead.

The red-haired detective has been out since 2006, but it’ll be Detective Comics 854, coming in June, where she make her first headlining appearance. Writer Greg Rucka says “We have been waiting to unlock her… Yes, she’s a lesbian. She’s also a redhead. It is an element of her character. It is not her character”. We have the first five kick-ass pages for you, after the jump.





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  • Synnerman

    She’s not the first:

    Batwoman does seem to get the most media attention although the current Question, Rene Montoya, seems to get the most actual play in DC’s comics. I would say she is the most prominent gay character in the mainline DC universe followed by Midnighter and his husband Apollo in the Wildstorm imprint that DC comics owns.

    Obsidian, the son of the Golden Age Green Lantern was a featured supporting character in Marc Andreyko(sp)’s series “Manhunter.”

  • Powerbottom Philly

    Hooray! More sloppy reporting from Queerty! Nice that you can’t even be bothered to Googlepedia any of this and find out your wrongness! Next time you want any comic book related stories written – reach out to the plethora of gay comic professionals and collectors who abound on the interweb.

  • puck247

    I second that emotion. Although the character was introduced back in the 50’s then killed off, she was reintroduced in the miniseries “52.” God, I’m a dork !

  • The Gay Numbers

    The Question just had a limited series starrer called Final Revelation. There are other prominent gays, but whatever.

  • shaun

    As far as gay characters…we also have Pied Piper from DC whose witty banter with Trickster made Countdown to Final Crisis bearable.

    Marvel Comics also has a plethora of gay/lesbian/bisexual characters as well… Anole, Northstar, Karma, Mystique & Destiny, Bling!, Flatman, etc…

    Yes… I too am a dork! In fact, I had to make a comic run today on my lunch hour ;-)

  • Drake Roberts

    Don’t forget Hulkling and Wiccan in Young Avengers! Marvel’s first gay couple!

  • shaun

    @Drake Roberts:

    I love Hulkling and Wiccan! There are no words to describe how adorable they are as a couple.

  • The Gay Numbers


    By the way- I should say I am looking forward to the Batwoman series. I have been looking to see more of her character.

    I would also like to see some more interesting gay characters. To be frank, I have found most of the gay characters a little less than interesting. The only one I really loved was the blue Starman from the Starman series with Jack Knight. I thought they were going to use him in a new Justice League, but I don’t know if that’s going to ever materialize.

    Finally, there is nothing wrong with being a geek. Geeks are hot.

  • shaun

    @The Gay Numbers:

    Actually Starman IS going to be part of the new JLA as is Batwoman. It was actually covered in an issue of Wizard not long ago and the cover of that issue featured the lineup of the new team.

  • puck247

    I love this ! I think I’ll start a weekly reading series at Boiler Room.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @shaun: I am glad to hear it. I will google the subject again this time with wizard.

    By the way, I must really, really recommend the Jack Knight run as Starman. The time in Opal. It was brilliant. I am hoping the new writers keeps the fact Starman is gay. His character was well done- especially a geek like me. Very non-stereotypical, but the same time not a lot of fake macho extremism either. Nice mix.

  • Patrick O

    Only us old timers remember the time when Batman and Robin were a couple, and the Advertisement was Charles Atlas promising to make us a man in 30 days :)

    Today he is always fatally chasing a female and poor Robin has disappeared

  • Wake Up Crazy

    @ SI SALVATION (stupid)
    Why do hateful people find their way into everything? And those kind of comments are supposed to be considered “righteous”? By the way, why are you even looking at this site?

  • fanboy

    Well I just want to say who cares if Bat woman is gay her sexuality should not be a focus of her stories I wish that people would not try to push there agendas on the public at large.

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