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  • Gert

    It’s the same gay movie we’ve seen before except with some bigger, hairier actors. I guess that’s diversity?

  • Ggeekboy

    @Gert: You can say that about most movies, gay or straight. Same story, different actors.

  • Fitz

    @Gert: Yeah, it kind of is. Big hairy guys like to see themselves portrayed as much as everyone else.

  • Adrian

    awww, this looks really cute. like cuddly cute. I like it.

  • rf

    I saw this movie. It’s a cute enough story with some very good and very funny lines. However, it is not terribly well written and edited overall–a lot of the scenes, especially the ones that are supposed to be tender moments between two characters, drag on and on for no reason. its almost like a bad tv movie in parts. I think if they took the time to cut about 10-15 minutes of supefluous dialog and eye gazing and maybe threw in one more funny/bizarre subplot it would be a total recommend. but as is, i’d give it a B- -worth seeing if you like gay comedies but its not going to knock your socks off.

  • Jack

    Just coughed up a fur-ball.

  • J. Clarence

    Alright, so the vast majority of the film is exactly like all other gay movies these days, cheesy dialog, not so great cinematography, and most of the characters are seemingly more shirtless than Taylor Lautner in a Twilight movie. However, it’s that little sliver of difference that makes it stand out from the hoard, such as Eating Out, Another Gay Movie, etc; and that’s the focus on the bear niche, or more specifically not centering on the cookie-cutter twink and gym aficionados that have completely saturated gay cinema.

    Oh and “Husbear”, I’ll never get over that.


    Bears are so hot, furry and cuddly you got to love it!

  • SomethingElse

    Gross. I love real bears, but the fat human slobs that call themselves “bears” are …blech.

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