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Beau Breedlove Files from the White Party


Former Sam Adams lover, penis size judge, and current Unzipped non-frontal coverboy Beau Breedlove hit up the White Party in Palm Springs over Easter weekend — his first! Here’s his report, including the surprise at supposedly not being offered any coke.

The White Party was a kick in the ass for me—so much fun! But I realized that even with all the hype about drugs, sex, and drinking (which made me nervous), it was really just like any other event—you find what you’re out to seek. I was looking for a fun weekend with a friend, and an escape from work and regular life for a few days. It was perfect. It was a great opportunity to mix and mingle with my fellow man, and get some sun and rest along the way.

The parties were everything I thought they would be—a blast. But temptation never really found me. I would even say I was surprised to have never seen a powdery white line, or be offered some off-the-wall pills. All in all, I was totally satisfied with the one bottle of Moscato I enjoyed during the trip.

Given the chance, I would probably go again, and again, I loved it. Most of all though, I loved that it wasn’t what everyone drummed it up to be—”a shameful party that exemplifies all that general society fears about queers. “

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  • James P

    bottle of Moscato? well, we all have our drug of choice…..

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    Good for him!

  • Pragmatist


  • Jeff

    Oh who cares.

    What a skeevatz

  • mbb

    This guy is a terrible writer. Kick in the pants doesn’t mean what he thinks it means. Why are we still listening to him?

  • TANK

    He’s a terrible writer?! LMAO! That’s the least of it.

  • job.

    Jeff, you’re hysterical! I agree – skeevatz, indeed. I guess all the good gay celebrities were already taken and this footnote in a forgotten story was all that was left. Who cares is right!

  • hardmannyc

    Because he didn’t see people openly taking drugs at any of the parties, he assumes no one was doing any? He’s clueless (as is Queerty for referencing “coke” — hey, it’s not 1986 anymore, kids!).

  • Telephosrus

    Beau who?

  • Chris

    He “works”? At what?

  • TANK

    If this little vac nose didn’t pick up on any cocaine, then there wasn’t any to be had. I don’t think you people get it…this kid’s a raging junkie! LOL!

  • Gus

    15 minutes. 14 minutes. 13 minutes. 12 minutes.

  • Dave

    12 minutes? More like 12 seconds. The Unzipped issue was completely OVERRATED. And they are still pushing it hard. This is Regent Media’s last little spike before it crumbles.

  • Skip Loder

    Beau is riding a one way train to Paula Jonestown. Loser!!!

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