Drug-Free America

Beau Breedlove Files from the White Party


Former Sam Adams lover, penis size judge, and current Unzipped non-frontal coverboy Beau Breedlove hit up the White Party in Palm Springs over Easter weekend — his first! Here’s his report, including the surprise at supposedly not being offered any coke.

The White Party was a kick in the ass for me—so much fun! But I realized that even with all the hype about drugs, sex, and drinking (which made me nervous), it was really just like any other event—you find what you’re out to seek. I was looking for a fun weekend with a friend, and an escape from work and regular life for a few days. It was perfect. It was a great opportunity to mix and mingle with my fellow man, and get some sun and rest along the way.

The parties were everything I thought they would be—a blast. But temptation never really found me. I would even say I was surprised to have never seen a powdery white line, or be offered some off-the-wall pills. All in all, I was totally satisfied with the one bottle of Moscato I enjoyed during the trip.

Given the chance, I would probably go again, and again, I loved it. Most of all though, I loved that it wasn’t what everyone drummed it up to be—”a shameful party that exemplifies all that general society fears about queers. “