Belinda Carlisle Explains Why She’d Be An Ally Even If Her Son Were Straight

belinda-2I would be passionate about that even if my son wasn’t gay — but especially as he is gay. When he came out to me one of the first things that came to mind is what sort of world is he going to have to live in? It’s getting better for gay people but there is still a lot of homophobia out there. I don’t understand what basis anyone’s sexuality has. I don’t understand the homophobia and the problem with giving gay people equal rights. I just don’t get it.”


Singer Belinda Carlisle asked if her openly gay son, actor/activist James Duke Mason, inspired her to be more passionate about LGBT equality during an interview with Best Daily to discuss her new greatest hits album The Collection

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  • Louis

    Beautiful inside and out.

  • TM

    Love Belinda! Cool AND perfect bone structure!

  • Desert Boy

    I’m mad about you, Belinda. You’re the best.

  • RyanC

    I’d always liked her for her attitude regarding gay rights, but she is not a nice person in real life. She performed at the club I work at last year, and she was horrible to everyone, and her demands made JLo seem down to earth.

  • Horse Lips

    She and Vicki Carr were very smart to marry plastic surgeons.

  • Desert Boy

    @Horse Lips: Ah, Belinda Carlisle is married to Morgan Mason, he’s a producer and actor. Not a plastic surgeon.

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