Ben Andrews In Closet, ‘Playgirl’

Porn star Ben Andrews appears in this months Playgirl and tells the nudie mag what he looks for in a lady: “I love a hot boy body, and am always turned on by perky tits… I’m really turned on by confident women. And women with a sense of humor. Sometimes it’s good to laugh.” We’re having a hell of a laugh right now, Andrews, especially because your MySpace page says you’re gay! [The Sword]

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  • EdWoody

    Particularly ironic typo, there.

  • tonedef

    he added me on dlist two days ago. curious…

  • lexxicuss

    Stuff like this always makes we wonder what’s up with you guys when it comes to ‘THE OBVIOUS’ stuff you report.

    Playgurl has been utilized gay men in their pictorials for decades. “you just catching on?”

  • pepsikid

    Do you like Pina Coladas? And getting lost in the rain? I swear he stole the whole interview from a Disney movie. Nice penis tho.

  • Phoenix

    I don’t know why they even call it “PlayGirl” since it’s always been for the boys.

  • Charley

    Not a God Damned thing wrong with being bi-sexual. Get over it. I met him, he is fantastic.

  • afrolito

    I’ve met him too. He’s straight up gay.

    The Playgirl “interviews” are as phoney and staged as the pictorials.

  • EdWoody

    Of course there’s nothing wrong with bisexual. But he really ain’t. He’s gay gay gay gay gay. With a bit of gay on the side.

  • Paul Raposo

    “He’s gay gay gay gay gay. With a bit of gay on the side.”


    Thank you for my morning smile, Ed 8^)

  • RSL

    You do realize all those quotes in gay porn rags can be just as fabricated, right? I’m just happy to see the trend reversed with a gay man faking quotes to the ladies than the other way around.

  • C-Daddy

    Having worked for one of the major man porn studios in promotions I can tell you that when we sent the layouts of the models, they would ask us for anything that they could use to use for text. I swear to god, the mount of times we ripped of the Playboy centerfold sheet and relaces the nouns or just palin copied everything word for word was unreal. True story.

  • mrmansonx

    His tool is huuuuge. Kinda scary. And anyone who has ever hear him speak knows he’s gayer than Richard Simmon’s flowered shower cap.

  • mrmansonx

    BTW, is he imitating Michael Lucas in theat pic.. those huge lips…

  • M Shane Walsh

    The thing about that is that straight women insist on being loved and wanted : as Becket said something about ‘their[desirability} being their trump card”. So it just would not do to let them know that they were out of the running cause he liked men. One oOf the worst things about trying to be Bi is that a female seems to get worked up if any male even talks to you-especially when they’ re straight. It’s hard to be actively Bisexual because you have to accomodate all of those strange hetrosxul habituations . I tried it when HIV came out . It’s more fun just being free and easy.

  • Johnnie R

    Ooooh it’s such a scandal (despite that the fact that lots of gay porn stars have done Playgirl)…get some real news Andrew…don’t you have to bash HX or Genre…

  • John

    ^^ No one’s bashing anyone! Just saying that we were under the impression that he was gay, gay, gay….

  • M Shane Walsh

    It just occured to me that that lip thing a la Lucas is most likely a “Brigit Bardot “sex kitten take off. In the case of Ben, it looks like he got hit with a basebal bat in the mug, or got his head run over.

  • Charley

    He sure is sweet, and tall. How many men are like him down there? Not many. I met John Stryker in Hollywood, a dwarf with a big one. Wasn’t turned on in person, but his films sizzled. Ben has the whole package.

  • blayne

    Jeez that is a big cock.

  • TJ

    help us all
    he cant be a porn star….seriously?!

  • rboozer6658

    I have met Ben Andrews in person. Matter of fact I have been with him on several occasions even the Playgirl Party in New York for the release of the Magazine. Ben is a sweet hart and a very nice man. So what if he is gay. Woman love eye candy just as much as anyone else. They loved Ben. Why cant he have a modeling career as well. I wish him all the best

  • jckfmsincty

    I’ve watched Ben suck more than a few cocks in his movies. For girls looking for a man, it’s a challenge that most guys are gay, married or both.

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