Ben Carson Volunteers To Shut Up For A Change, Cancels Commencement Speech

Ben Carson, the Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon who became the latest darling of the right wing for espousing the usual nutty causes, won’t be inflicting his ideas on Johns Hopkins graduates this year.

Carson has withdrawn as the university commencement speaker after igniting a firestorm by lumping marriage equality into the same category as pedophilia and bestiality.

Carson’s comments two weeks ago led to a petition from students calling for his ouster as the commencement speaker, as well as a humiliating public rebuke from the dean of the medical faculty.

Of course, for a man who has been singlehandedly trying to revive the phrase “political correctness” as a battle cry for conservatives, Carson decided to step aside because he was the victim of —  you guessed it — political correctness, instead of — you know — being a homophobe.

“Someday in the future, it is my hope and prayer that the emphasis on political correctness will decrease and we will start emphasizing rational discussion of differences so we can actually resolve problems and chart a course that is inclusive of everyone,” Carson wrote in his letter of withdrawal.

In other words, “I’m not sorry.”

Photo: White House