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Bigot Rabbi Yehuda Levin Won’t Support Bigot Carl Paladino In New York Election

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, the Brooklyn-based Orthodox zealot who blamed The Gays for the Haitian earthquake (pictured, left), is withdrawing his endorsement of Carl Paladino now that the Republican gubernatorial candidate has gone and apologized for hating the gays. This, from the guy who’s credited with that “dysfunctional homosexuals” line Carl refused to utter. So here’s what that apology accomplished: More furor from the people it was supposed to soothe, and abandonment from the extremists it offended. Said Levin at a presser Wednesday: “You can’t compromise on this. My message today to the people of New York state, and people across the country, is there are standards and values and as much as it hurts me I have sadness for Mr. Paladino because I believe his heart is in the right place.” And if Paladino becomes governor, “I hope he straightens out.”