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Binge this entire new web series in the time it takes to order takeout

We’re not trying to tell you what to do with your night, but let’s just say if you felt inclined to put in a pizza delivery order, settle into your favorite couch groove (you know the one) and binge watch an entire web series before your Hawaiian no-pineapple no-ham arrives, Bothered is here for you.

The new series is the brainchild of Seth Daniel and Catherine McCafferty, who wrote, produced and star in the 11-episode run. It’s broken up into easily digestible and social media-ready episodes, the longest of which clocks in at 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

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That means you can watch this entire gay guy/straight girl comedy explore sex, love, death and friendship all in just 23 minutes total. If that’s not efficient we don’t know what is.

“While both of us have experience being cast in other people’s projects,” Daniel told Queerty, “this was our first brain-project brought to life, and we couldn’t be more grateful and proud of the team that came together and the final product that came from it all.”

Check out the first few episodes below, and head here to find the full series: