BlogWatch 2006: Who’s the gayer judge?

Paula Abdul Rehab Watch. We hope she never sobers up. [Rotten Ryan]

Kate Moss‘ beau pleads guilty–and goes apeshit on a reporter. Hot! [Jossip]

• Gay icon Gina Gershon divas out over a pair of shoes, solidifies gay icon status juuuust a little more. [Daily Dish] via [Socialite Life]

• The real reason we watch Footballer’s Wives. [PAYOR]

• Soap operas filling up with bubbly gay teens. [AfterElton]

Brokeback Mountain (yes, we’re sick of talking about it too, but this is actually legit) has inspired new anti-discrimination laws in Taiwan. Cool. [Taipei Kid]

Chief Justice Roberts or Justice Souter: who is more gay? [Wonkette]

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