Boy Scouts To Offer New Badge In Sex Education

Well I’m not sure there’s actually a badge to be collected, but the Boy Scouts in Britain are preparing to brainwash their 14-18-year-olds with sex education classes “to help tackle the country’s high rates of sexually transmitted diseases.” This will go nicely with the Boy Scouts’ lessons in knot tying, which are given to help tackle the country’s high rate of Velcro. The “My Body, My Choice” program will feature a “condom quiz” and a “sexually transmitted infections” card game, though I think the best way to teach people about the nasty things they can catch from each other is with a game of Memory and grotesquely illustrated photos of said infections. Surely the British Scouts, though, will know the difference between educating kids about sex and showing them how to do it.

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  • John

    Gays are fully accepted as members and leaders in The Scout Association, i.e. the UK’s version of BSA. In fact, there is even an official support unit for gays:

    You’ll also find examples of the UK Scouts standing up for gays, such as this condemnation of Uganda’s anti-gay bill:

    Just because the BSA has it’s head up it’s keister doesn’t mean that other Scouting organizations do as well.

  • Pete n SFO

    The Scouting Handbook has always included some info about sex, since the 70’s. Info on STDs is appropriate… not that it will happen in the States.

    Scouting was a big part of my youth and it continues to be profoundly disappointing that the “leadership” of the national organization has been so misguided.

    Instead of being an advocate for the group, even as an Eagle Scout, I’m instead silent, or a detractor.

  • ewe

    Even Ron Howard became a senior citizen. Can’t they change those awful looking costumes?

  • justiceontherocks

    Shouldn’t they be teaching it to guys a little younger than 14?

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