Brad Goreski, Michael Musto, Nick Adams: Queer Stars’ New Year’s Resolutions Revealed!

Stephen Wallem, actor
1. Less Facebook, more elliptical. Actually, any elliptical at all.

2. More volunteer work, especially for causes I’m already involved with, like diabetes awareness and anti-bullying.

3. Stop texting ‘Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout?’ to Edie Falco every 45 minutes.

4. More singing.

5. Finish my one-man show about Suzanne Pleshette.

6. Eat smarter.

7. Give in and do Dancing With the Stars after all. (God, they’re pushy.)

8. More game nights with pals. (Is there anything better?) Give in and play Eponine in the Les Miz film. (They’ll have to raise the keys, though.)

9. Be gentler with myself and more generous of heart to others.

Stephen Wallem stars as “Thor” in Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, which returns for a fourth season March 2012. Photo: Showtime