Brad Pitt’s Brother Doug Discusses Their Mom’s Anti-Gay Newspaper Rant

Like a lot of you, we were stunned that Jane Pitt, the woman who gave the world the studly gem that is Brad Pitt, wrote a letter to the Missouri News-Leader bashing the Obama administration’s support of marriage equality and reproductive rights.

Neither Brad nor Jane has addressed the letter since it was published, but Brad’s younger brother, Doug Pitt, was on The Today Show, to discuss his new ad for Virgin Mobile and Matt Lauer brought it up.

Basically Doug’s explanation amounts to “they agree to disagree.”

Jane has every right to share her views—and its actually commendable she did it in her local media outlet and not, say, TMZ. But should Brad or Doug have spoken up for the LGBT community—or for reproductive rights, for that matter? We lean on the side of keeping family business within the family, but now that its out there, maybe it’s time? Share your piece in the comments.

Source: NBC via Pink is the New Blog