A Breakdown Of The Dramatic Twitter Feud Between Coco Montrese And Roxxxy Andrews


Here we go again. The queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race are at each other’s throats on Twitter again…

As we prepare for tonight’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2, Coco Montrese and Roxxxy Andrews are slamming each other in a series of direct tweets and passive aggressive hashtags. The reason for the harsh exchange of words? Coco seems to still be upset that Roxxxy sent her home on the first episode of All Stars Season 2.

All the drama comes as a bit of a shock, seeing as Coco told us in an interview (the day after her elimination episode aired) that she held no resentment toward Roxxxy and her decision: “I think if I was much younger maybe it would have affected me differently, but I’m older so I cherish my friendships and I don’t give up on them when a decision like that is made. Roxxxy and I have a great friendship.”

So how did this feud start? Well, Roxxxy claims it was Coco who started it all with this series of tweets:


Roxxxy clapped back at Coco that night, with the first (of many) passive aggressive hashtag-heavy tweets:



Things stayed quiet for a while, until Roxxxy sent out this tweet yesterday (for reasons unknown):


That’s when things really kicked off…


And then Coco took a stab, coming for Roxxxy with a hashtag aimed at the story she told on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 about how her mother abandoned her and her sister at a bus stop when she was a young child:



The tweets seemed to have simmered (for now), but here’s a bit more to quench your thirst:




So, we’re starting to think that Coco wasn’t telling us the whole truth about her friendship with Roxxxy in our interview… and Phi Phi O’hara seems to agree:


Meanwhile, RuPaul is counting his coins as the drama unfolds like:


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