Bring On Those Lesley The Lezzie Jokes

Lesley Gore has a new album out and where better to promote it than in The New York Times? This week the paper profiles Gore and her return to the recording world after a 30-year absence. Gore, who recently went public about her lesbianism, reveals she has had a partner for over two decades.


Her new album, Ever Since, is only available on her indie label’s web site (What, no ubiquitous offering on Amazon?). Her more mature (read: older) voice now sounds like a more reserved Melissa Etheridge. Included in the collection is a subdued remake of one of her best known hits, “You Don’t Own Me.”

Thus far, Gore’s only sold over 1,000 copies of the CD in New York City alone. Granted her return won’t bring the same numbers as Gwen’s Love .Music. Angel. Baby., but much better than Tiffany’s “comeback” earlier this year.

But now even Madonna is following in her footsteps. Gore’s song “Better Angels” has already been featured on CSI this season, way before Madge decided to whore out “Hung Up” on the show.