Britney Spears Accused Of Exploiting Gays For Her Big Comeback

Though her new album has already leaked online, Britney Spears made no effort to move up her release date, or her planned San Francisco concert for Good Morning America. Apparently y’all are willing to wait till the world ends? But a dust up is nigh! San Francisco gays — CAN YOU BELIEVE — might not be welcoming the princess of pop with open arms. It’s as if Britney is trying to exploit us for her comeback u guyz.

Ever since Spears announced she would promote her new album, “Femme Fatale,” on “Good Morning America” by performing a miniconcert outside the Castro Theatre, the gay community has gone bonkers, arguing about whether she should be granted access to an exclusive non-gay list of gay icons. Although rainy weather has now forced the show indoors to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Spears’ intention was clear: get gay people on board. “There’s a tragedy to Britney Spears. It’s just attractive. There’s history in the falling of a pop star, whether it’s Britney or Judy Garland,” said Juanita More! [pictured], a longtime San Francisco drag queen and club promoter. “But I haven’t exactly heard Britney over the past five years talk about the gay community, not like Lady Gaga has.”

Is Britney really at risk of alienating her gay fans by, uh, performing in the heart of America’s biggest gayborhood? Hardly. But if you are a homosexual person in these United States, or on this earth for that matter, you’ve inevitably heard the debate, or participated in it, about whether Britney is the gay ally that Lady Gaga has made herself out to be. Though perhaps you’re one of those folks who thinks Gaga also latched onto the ‘mosexuals for marketing purposes? Either way, we know where at least one Gaga gay stands.