Britney’s Man A Gay?

Britney Spears and her headline ready antics keep mouths a flapping this morning. It seems her “new man” may have a taste for other men:

In a tabloid report certain to need a hefty dose of salt, Star Magazine is reporting Britney Spears is planning to walk down the aisle with bad-boy pal Sam Lutfi. Some Hollywood gossip sites are slamming the report, not just for its typical lack of facts, but because rumor has it Lutfi is entirely gay and not likely to convert even for pop tart Spears and her millions. claims “high profile gays in L.A. “confirm” Lutfi’s sexual orientation as decidedly queer and says Lutfi was so “embarrassed to be gay that he laid low for a long time until recently resurfacing as Britney Spears’ right hand man and manager.”

Yikes! Can you imagine being so closeted that you’d rather the world think you’re marrying Britney? Sounds terrible…