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moby's house

While cleaning out our inbox we found a lovely email written by Moby and forwarded from a friend of Queerty. Turns out the vegan/musician is selling his stunning upstate residence Partridge Hill for 3.5M.

We’re not really looking for a summer home just yet, but we have to give the guy props: it’s gorgeous. The modern design, the minimalism, and 8 person sauna/Jacuzzi makes us wonder one thing. Is Moby a Mo?

Moby’s email after the jump.

Partridge Hill [Property Site]


three years ago i bought a property named ‘partridge hill’ in kent cliffs, new
york(1 hour from nyc, in putnam county).

after extensive renovations i’ve decided to sell the houses and property, as my
work and travel schedule make it difficult for me to spend much time up there.

it’s an amazing and special place, as some of you know, so before i put it on the public real-estate market i’m going to offer it to friends and family.

here’s the web-site for partridge hill.

if you or anyone you know might be interested, please contact

chris cruz at:
[email protected]

[email protected]

also, there’s a friends and family bonus of $10,000 for you if you arrange for
someone to buy the property.



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