CA Gay Fight Bringing In Record Dough

California’s gay marriage battle has been breaking records left, right and center. But mostly right.

We knew that Proposition 8 supporters are raking in dough to reverse this year’s state Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex nuptials, but we had no idea the depths of their efforts:

Supporters and opponents of a ballot initiative that would outlaw same-sex marriage in California have poured $41.2 million into the race, more than the combined total spent in the 24 states where similar measures have gone before voters since 2004.

Campaign finance figures show supporters of the gay marriage ban have taken a significant lead in fundraising even as Proposition 8 has lagged in public opinion polls. A backer,, reported taking in $25.4 million through Sept. 30 of this year compared to the $15.8 million in donations raised by the main committee opposing the measure.

Both sides of the debate plan have set aside over $10 million for new television ads, some of which will debut this week. While the gay rights activists are holding their own in that arena, they’re lagging behind when it comes to cash on hand. The “no on 8” side has a meager $1.8 million, while the conservative set have $12.8 million to burn.

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    lol @ gay marriage

    what a joke. gay relationships NEVER last. the whole idea is laughable. oh…and obama doesnt support gay marriage either you stupid dems

  • Vinman

    Men-sar – my lover and I have been together for 28 years. Longer than my parents and siblings have been married. We are still together despite being at a disadvantage. We also raised a son together without any help from our government (tax breaks etc) All of you posts today have been very upsetting, not getting any? Try a serious relationship and you can get some any time you want in your own home.

    The nice thing about all the money raising the right is doing is that it is keeping those dollars from McSame.


    @ #2

    thats right, a typical selfish gay man who only cares about his own precious little hide. i suppose trivial things like safety, the economy and the environment dont mean much right?

  • Jaroslaw

    Men-Sar what is your problem? McCain & the Republicans hate Gays or at the very least don’t think they are worth equal respect. What does not wanting McSame to get elected (by having less campaign dollars) have to do with safety, the economy and the environment?

  • greybat

    McCain evidently doesn’t hate gays as much as Men-Sar. Maybe she should find a site more to her tastes.

  • marco channing

    Hmmm…both McCain and Palin cheated on their spouses. Sanctity indeed.

    Oh, and what about those pesky little hetero divorce rate statistics?

  • greybat

    Well, I guess they were very sanctimonious while they were cheating, Marco!


    Just goes to show what a misconception that image of all Gays being affluent and filthy rich is.
    You’d think if it where true we would have double by now any amount the bigots have poured.
    Or perhaps its just that Gay Californians have been diverting more of their income into Obamas pocket, yeah that has to be it, just remembered what Michelle’s favorite pastime has been during this electoral campaign.

  • JJ

    And where is Ellen DeGeneres in all this? Sitting on top of her wallet with the buckle sealed tight!

    I just walked past a beautiful home in the very Republican (80/20) neighborhood I live in here in sunny California.

    The home had a nice lawn sign that reads:


    made my day

  • Mark

    Hilarious, MEN-SAR.

    After a 20 year courtship, my partner and I were married in Palm Springs on June 30.

    No…gay relationships don’t last.

    Not at all.

  • Jaroslaw

    JJ stop it already. You were already informed by numerous individuals Ellen gave a lot by coming out and losing her show AND by giving lots of free “advertising” on her talk show which she is risking losing viewers.


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