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Caitlyn Jenner “glad” to be back in California, but the feeling isn’t mutual

Caitlyn Jenner is back in the United States after leaving the country for nearly a month during the homestretch of her gubernatorial campaign so she could film a reality show in Australia.

Jenner, who is currently polling at 3% among Republicans voters, touched down at LAX on Saturday after taping a brief appearance on Big Brother VIP, for which she was reportedly paid $500,000.

Great time abroad for fun and glad to be back in #California on the campaign trail!” she tweeted on Saturday, along with an image of her and all her co-stars.

Unfortunately for the 71-year-old GOP candidate, her excitement about being back in the United States does not appear to be reciprocated by, frankly, anyone.

Here’s how people responded to her “It’s good to be home!” tweet…

Australia is currently under strict lockdown after seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases. That said, if Jenner wanted to set a good example, she should have quarantined after landing in the U.S.

The CDC recommends that fully vaccinated people get tested for coronavirus 3-5 days after returning from an international trip and to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and consider isolating while waiting for the results.

But Jenner didn’t do that. Instead, she appears to have immediately zipped down to San Diego to pose for a maskless photo opp with the owner of a jewelry store.

“Always good to meet with local small businesses across the state,” she tweeted. “Small local biz Cecilia’s Fine Jewelry was forced to shut down and they are now up and running! Thanks for having me.”

Now, the responses…

Last week it was reported Jenner’s campaign was over $150,000 in the red after blowing more than $910,000 on frivolous expenses that included “staff meetings” at fancy sushi bars and limo rides.

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