California man pleads guilty to hate crime after slashing gay roommate’s tires

A man in Santa Ana, California has just pled guilty to hate crimes after harassing his gay roommates with a knife, pulling a gun on them and slashing the tires of a car belonging to one of the men.

40-year-old Joe Martin Rodriguez pled guilty to criminal threats and a misdemeanor hate crime following the July 4 altercation. At the time, Rodriguez became incensed when he incorrectly believed one of his roommates was using the bathroom. He began knocking on the bathroom door, yelling anti-gay slurs and brandishing a large and knife threatening to kill them. He then pulled a handgun on the two men.

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The two gay roommates wisely alerted police as Rodriguez left and slashed the tires of one of the roommate’s car. Police later discovered Rodriguez driving around with a friend. When they pulled the car over, he attempted to escape. A police helicopter later located Rodriguez running on foot, and he was arrested.

With his guilty plea entered, Rodriguez now awaits sentencing early next year.