Can Republicans Stretch The Gay Vote?

The Republican presidential candidates best start kissing some gay ass, because their queer constituents don’t seem too keen on any of ’em – particularly the social conservatives:

Gay Republicans view the next few weeks as directing their party down one of two fateful roads. As one predicted off the record, picking Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney, who are intensely wooing religious conservatives, would be “the Thelma and Louise moment” that would send the Republican Party off a cliff.

Or as Jim McFarland, an Austin 12-er who is vice president of the gay Log Cabin’s Wisconsin chapter and a Giuliani backer, puts it, “The future of the Republican Party depends on who the nominee is. We could see the demise of the Republican Party. If it continues down the road of focusing on motivating fundamentalist Christian voters, that will fail.”

We’ve been saying that for months.

Meanwhile, don’t forget the gays have been throwing their green to Giuliani, which is really the only logical place to throw it in the GOP. The supreme Republican queens over at Log Cabin Republican will not endorse a candidate during primary season.