Can The 3 (Fake) Andrew Shirvells On Twitter Be Any Creepier Than The Real One?

Think one Andrew Shirvell is bad? How about three Andrew Shirvells battling it out assclown-style on Twitter? None of the three spoof accounts I spotted belong to the real Andrew Shirvell, but they’re still deserving of my attention. And my rating of their best tweets. Believe me, if you enjoyed seeing him squirm on Anderson Cooper’s hot seat, you’ll love seeing how he handles himself solo.

In last place there’s FakeAndyShirvel, a foul-mouthed, viciously gay re-imagining of the Ass. AG who is working on his drag persona, plays “the organ”, and calls out Joe Jervis’ name while cumming to Corbin Fisher porn:

» Whoever shat on my welcome mat – are you interested in a “glass bottom boat?” Look it up. It’s hot!

» Vicious?!? I’m not vicious I’m more like FIERCE! Get that straight! (pun intended)

He’s actually the least funny of the bunch. First runner up goes to AndrewShirveii (i‘s instead of l‘s!) who draws inspiration from the AC360 interview and has a total hard on for doing Christ’s work.

» Look at that pampered elitist Chris Armstrong, with his pretty face and dreamy eyes and radical homosexual agenda. Who does he think he is!?

» So I’m not really happy about the flack I have been receiving about my appearance on AC360 I thought people would be more open…

» @andrewshirvell You can impersonate me and try to discredit me but I understand it is your form of protest

» I am not going to sit here and play with myself… tonight anyway. I’m too upset.

» Being a misunderstood Christian prosecutor and warrior for Jesus is hard. Like, washboard-abs hard…

» Staring into ppl’s windows is NOT cyberstalking, dummies. Look it up, if you even have a Bible, you Christian-haters.

But hands down first place goes to AndrewShirvell, not only because of his unaware innuendo — “All I wanted to do was promote my appearance on AC360 and I am being pounded from every angle” — but also to for his dark nods to Islamophobia and Tyler Clementi:

» I just found out on Wikipedia that @andersoncooper is gay… :(

» To the people saying I’m secretly gay…stop it before you go on my blog.

» My GIRLFRIEND and I are going to dinner tonight. Grizzly Peak Brewing here I come!

» Great, someone found my house and took a dump on my welcome mat… HUMAN FECES.. ON MY WELCOME MAT!! :(

» Leave of absence.. more time to tweet!

» I bet if I protested Muslims half of you people wouldn’t be bitching..

» At least I didn’t put a secret camera in Chris Armstrong’s room…

These tweets would be a lot funnier if they weren’t tamer than the crap the real Andrew Shirvell wrote on Chris Armstrong Watch. But I see a BPGlobalPR in the making.

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  • David

    Poes Law at work. No one can tell the difference between parody of Fundamentalists and Evangelicals and the actual garbage they spew.

  • Nickadoo

    I initially thought @AndrewShirvell (correct spelling, not the ii spelling) was legit. Then, when he awoke the next morning and tweeted “Got hammered at the club last night, had to let off a little steam and dancing always makes me feel better” I knew I must’ve been punk’d.

  • matt

    Some one needs to start asking his alleged GF if she is really so fucking stupid to hang with this closeted queer that she does not know what he is up to on his spare time… or is she a hatemonger too?

  • Michael

    Slow news day? Coverage of fake Tweets? Meh.


    It is absolutley insane that this shit is occuring in the office of the Attorney General. One would think anyone representing this office should be a shining example of upholding the laws of the state. Not a poster boy for insane stalking obsessive behaviour. And that the AG did not immediately terminate him as soon as this saga surfaced is so very telling as to the mindsets of the frigtwing lunatics. Think of any other group of people had Shitvell directed his lunacy at and he would have been jetted immmediatley. We are the last group where people can spew their hatred on without fear of retribution. Cox should be impeached for derelection of the duties of his office……

    PS: Speaking of kinda sorta creepy charachters anyone else notice how so very much this shitbag looks like PeeWee Herman???



  • Cam

    It’s a great way to handle it. There is nothing that virulent homophobes love more than people being upset, and nothing they HATE more than becoming figures of ridicule and jokes.

    The Fred Phelps folks will stay for hours at events when people are yelling at them, but they fled comicon after a few minutes because people were laughing at them and making fun of them.

    This turd Shirvelle is the typical obsessive creep that in times past would have gone into the priest hood then tried to sleep with every male in his congragation while at the same time preaching that homosexuality was of the Devil.

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