Cast Of ‘Will & Grace’ Reunited After 10 Years, Tease Big News

Just what is the old gang up to? The stars of Will and Grace reunited backstage at a comedy show recently, and teased some upcoming big news. But it’s anyone’s guess what that news might be.

Here’s what we know: the main cast get together to see Nick Offerman’s show (that’s Megan Mullally’s husband) on Saturday, and posted this intriguing shot:

Only smiling because of where Eric's hand is! #ericmccormack @seanhayes @meganomullally

A photo posted by Debra Messing (@therealdebramessing) on

But they’ve also been posting little clues about a project they’re working on — a project that appears to feature them on a recreation of the old set from their show.



So what’s up, Megan? What’s going on? You can tell us, honest you can. There seem to be hints that whatever’s going on will be released on Monday — today! — so hopefully that doesn’t overshadow the presidential debates.

If there really is a nostalgia-reunion show going on, it will be fascinating to see how the show and the characters have evolved. Times sure have changed since the sitcom premiered — remember the stigma and taboo of homosexuality in the early 2000s? It hasn’t entirely gone away, of course, but it’s diminished more than any of those characters could have predicted.

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