Catholic Group Calls Out Palin

John McCain enlisted Sarah Palin in part to bolster his standing with the Republican party’s religious base. Unfortunately for McCain – and Palin – some Catholic leaders are questioning the Alaska governor’s spiritual tolerance.

Frank L. Cocozzelli, head of CrossLeft, and his peers today released a statement today scrutinizing Palin’s association with the New Apostolic Reformation, a movement Cocozzelli claims has a “long, strong streak of anti-Catholicism.”

…Bishop Thomas Muthee, who has spoken repeatedly at the Wasila Assemblies of God Church and personally blessed and anointed Governor Palin in 2005, engages in what NAR terms “spiritual warfare”– with an aim to de-Catholicize communities and nations. “Brazil is occupied by Catholics,” declared Muthee in a militant sermon he gave on March 14, 2004 at a United Kingdom church, ‘but people are being saved anyway!”

C. Peter Wagner says that the Roman Catholic Church is under the sway of a great demon he calls the “Queen of Heaven.”

Top NAR leaders go on spiritual warfare expeditions to try to decrease the power of this “demon.”

“As a Catholic,” said Cocozzelli, “I am deeply concerned about Governor Palin’s ongoing involvement with Pastor Ed Kalnins and Bishop Thomas Muthee, both of whom are engaged in the anti-Catholic New Apostolic Reformation movement.”

In fairness, we do not know what Governor Palin believes. But her involvement with this movement requires us to ask, Does Sarah Palin share this view of Catholicism? Does she view Catholicism as demonic or anything other than a legitimate, international faith?

CrossLeft goes on to demand that Palin either make clear she doesn’t agree with NAR’s beliefs and to explain why she associates with the “religious bigots of the NAR movement.” That can’t be good….

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  • emb

    Well, I may not be no Warshington insider who, like, reads things and stuff, but it seems to this joe sixpack (god, wish!) that there she goes, pallin’ around with bigots and witch-huntin’ loonytoons, and, gosh, like I have to ask: Who is this Sarah Palin and why won’t she answer our questions?

  • Darth Paul

    I’m betting the bulk of their spite comes from the fact that she went Pentecostal after ditching Catholicism. Catholics can be as bad as Muslims when it comes to apostasy.

  • shivadog

    My god can beat up your god.

  • michael

    Having grown up in the south I have never understood why Catholics would ever align themselves with any of these fundamental protestant faiths. I went to all of them during my upbringing from Pentecostal to Southern baptist, and we were always taught that Catholics were not “saved” and going to hell, that they were basically evil and worshiped statues. Of course I have left behind all religious lunacy now but the Catholics should never think that she is on their side, she might use them to get what she wants, cause thats the sort she is, but in the end she will stick it to them. Mark my words, she is a dangerous person, she is dangerous, these people ultimately see themselves as victims of an evil world that is destined for destruction. But what they don’t get is that they are the ones that will fulfill the dark prophecies of the bible never seeing that they are actually the evil ones the bible spoke of. She’s a cunt,
    no doubt, a cunt.


    What a bunch of crock!
    For once I agree with something Darth Paul has posted.

    Instead of wasting our time with anything the hateful Catholic bigots say why won’t Queerty focus on Obama’s Acorn election fraud tactics.

    Barack Obama formerly represented ACORN and taught classes for their future leaders. While he served on the Board of Directors of the Woods Foundation, that group received about $200,000 from ACORN. When he began his presidential run, Obama paid ACORN more than $800,000 to help ‘Get Out the Vote’–although it was not originally reported that way to the FEC.

    Shouldn’t the practitioner of a ‘new style’ of politics be concerned about this lawbreaking?

  • DairyQueen

    I love it! Let the cult followers fight. It could mean more votes for Obama!!! The Catholic Cult feel they are the true cult out there and everyone else can go to “hell”.

  • Frederik

    I started reading this article and stopped when I came to the word “CrossLeft”. Suddenly everything became clear to me. A Catholic version of ACORN. Thank you but no thank you for such closet and bigot Catholics.

  • greybat

    Munthee may well have cause for concern…sounds like a Goddess is on his trail…and she’s not too pleased with him!

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that Catholics must be referred to as bigots? Organized religion, while having many faults, still works to promote social justice and tolerance. Words like “cult” and “witch-hunting” carry such negative connotation. Why must we pit one religion/ point of view against the next? Can we not practice tolerance and acceptance? I cannot believe that this is what are nation is reduced to? Both it’s hopeful leaders and citizens.

  • bobito

    Certainly there are many religious bigots in the Catholic church, as in most churches. For anyone who is interested in ACORN, here’s a link about them:
    When you come up with something real against ACORN itself, then you can start making noise about Obama’s association with this organization.

    If the article is too long, just scroll down to the fact sheet.

  • REBELComx

    Religion does not work to promote social justice and tolerance. In fact, it has more than anything promoted the exact opposite. And you cannot have religion without it pitting itself against rival dogmas…that’s the entire point of dogma. “our god is better than their god, we are god’s chosen people. Anyone who doesn’t beleive as we do are sinners and going to hell.”
    Tolerance and acceptance are the products of humanitarianism and empathy. In order to promote equality, we must see each other as equals. Religion, ALL RELIGION, identifies outsiders as not equal and promotes the “us against them” mentality.
    Now before you go sayind that me being against religion is also an “us against them” Mentality, Let me say that I am all for spirituality on an individual basis. But organized religion, dogma, and the corruption of any system the people follow is wrong. We don’t need an invisible man in the sky telling us how to treat our brothers and sisters. We have empathy for that.
    Religion is wrong because it causes more damage than it does good and is, in the end, simply unnecessary.

  • mark

    I can’t wait to send this article to my lovers sisters who were nuns, and left the Convent and send us all this Republican garbage, about flag pins and other dumb sh*t, wait til they read what these moronic bigots think of THEM.

  • chuck

    >Why is it that Catholics must be referred to as bigots? Organized religion, while having many faults, still works to promote social justice and tolerance.

    Are you drunk, or on drugs, anonymous? How is condemning homosexuality, from the Pope on down, working to promote social justice and tolerance?

    Take off the blindfold and take a look around you to see what is going on in the world of “religion”.

    Next, no doubt, you’ll be telling us how the Log Cabin Republicans are working to promote social justice and tolerance, as well?


  • Amos

    Is this the worst dirt there is against her? What’s next, wearing white after labor day?

  • bobito

    Amos: ‘is this the worst dirt there is against her?’

    Is this the only website you get your news from? The Alaska Legislative Committee investigation of her firing the state’s public safety commissioner concluded unanimously that she had abused the power of her position as governor and violated state ethics. It is sure to be mentioned on Monday in this website.

    The repubs are trying to present it as a partisan ploy, but the investigation was begun before Sarah Palin had been chosen as VP candidate, and the committee was bipartisan and reached a unanimous decision.

  • AZgaybe

    um? watch out for them demons too! and wolves sheeps clothing

  • Frank L. Cocozzelli

    First of all, thank you for helping Cross Left get these questions asked about Governor Palin.

    With that said, I need to clarify some things. I am not the head of Cross Left, but a spokesman. CL was founded by Kety Esquivel and along with her, many of us share responsibility for its continuation.

    Secondly, CL is not a Catholic group, but made up of progressive and liberal Christians of many different denominations, Catholic and Protestant.

    Finally, what we are trying to do with this press release is to call out possible (and I emphasize “possible”) bigoted religious beliefs that may be at issue here.

  • kurt

    Obama is now 11 points ahead with Catholics, critical to Obama’s success in most states. Its not just Palin’s pastor. McCain’s endorsement by the anti-Catholic minister Rev. Hagee has been an issue while Palin’s crack at the Republican Convention of Obama as a community organizer was taken as an insult by many Catholics since the organization he worked for was sponsored by the Catholic Church.

    See here:

    Obama has been endorsed by a huge number of respected Catholics including Sen. Ted & Vickie Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, Sen. Bob Casey, Rep. Tim Roemer, Professor Doug Kmiec, Gov. Tim Kaine, Sr. Jamie Phelps, O.P., Sr. Catherine Pinkerton, Harvard Professor Mary Jo Bane, Canon Lawyer and former Dean Nicholas P. Cafardi, BC Theology Professor Lisa Cahill, Sharon Daly, former national director of social action for the Catholic bishops, Sr. Margaret Gannon, IHM, and John Sweeney, President of the AFL-CIO.

  • bobito

    When an ACORN worker attempts to manipulate the voters they register or falsify registries, they are removed from their post in the organization and reported to the authorities. This is not to say it doesn’t happen, it is a reaction some people have to any kind of power (see White House for further examples of how this can go horribly wrong). Obama’s relationship with ACORN is not to his discredit. The American people should indeed know the truth.

  • Jake

    Acorn is the new version of “card carrying member of the ACLU.” You know, like that’s a bad thing.

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