Catholic Leaders To Chop It Up

While we’re on the subject of religion, we think it’s worth pointing out that American Catholic leaders are meeting this week to strategize on how to make the church a more viable – and lucrative – spiritual organization. Among the topics to be discussed, leaders will mull over their stance on contraceptives, who should get Communion and – of course – the gays. The Washington Post reports:

In a national meeting to start Monday in Baltimore, the bishops were to consider new guidelines on ministry to gay parishioners, explaining the theological underpinnings of the Catholic mandate that marriage must be limited to one man and one woman.

The attention to core teachings comes as the 64 million-member American church faces a shortage of priests, low rates of Mass attendance and a massive influx of Hispanic immigrants.

So, wait: if the Catholic Church really wanted to gain more adherents, wouldn’t it make more sense to work to include the homos? We’re not religious experts or anything, but it seems that power comes from inclusion, not exclusion – especially when said group’s got mad dough like the fags.

Also, if they’re so concerned about saving money, why don’t they stop having conferences where they talk about how they don’t like homos. We get it: The Catholic Church thinks homos are sinners.