Celebrity Power Couple Ready To Be The UK’s First “Strictly” Gay Dance Partners

showbiz-marcus-collins-robin-windsor-gay-times-2The UK’s Strictly Come Dancing could be getting its first same-sex couple if the gay media has anything to say about it.

Professional Latin and ballroom dancer Robin Windsor has served as a member of the reality dancing competition’s dancing staff since 2010 — the show works much like our version of Dancing with the Stars, where celebrities are paired with professional dancers and eliminated one by one until the finest celebrity dancer stands.

According to Digital Spy, fans are eager to see Windsor with a male dancing partner in the upcoming season, especially since he’s now dating celebrity X Factor star Marcus Collins. The pair, who’ve been dating since November, talked about the possibility in a new cover feature for Gay Times:

“I can dance, but I’d be learning ballroom dancing from scratch. It’s something I’d certainly give a go,” Collins said. “It’s about waiting for the right time for the public to be ready to see a same-sex couple dancing together.”

This isn’t the first time Windsor has been fantasized into a same-sex dancing couple. Last September, rugby star Ben Cohen revealed that he actually requested to be Windsor’s dancing partner last season.

showbiz-marcus-collins-robin-windsor-gay-times-1Though he doesn’t sound too hopeful about joining the cast of Strictly, Collins is unmistakably head-over-heels: “I thought he looked amazing,” Collins said of the first time he noticed Windsor, on the cover of December’s Gay Times Naked Issue. “My family watch both X Factor and Strictly, where all the guys are good looking, but there was one who always stood out for me.”

“We both know where this is heading and that this is for the long term,” Windsor added. “It’s a case of being the right time. I’ve always wanted to get married to the person I love and that fairytale is getting closer every day.”

Check out the couple’s full interview for the July 2014 issue over at

Below, watch Windsor dance the Cha Cha with his previous partner, actress Lisa Riley:

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  • James Hart

    “Celebrity Power Couple.” Give me a break.

  • truckproductions

    errr ur definition of celebrity power couple needs a tweak..

  • cyberdoogi

    Actually, Dancing with the stars is a version of Strictly Come Dancing, which is a BBC format sold around the world.

  • skyboy63

    I think it would be quite hot myself.

  • Tackle

    Cute couple. They compliment each other…

  • enlightenone

    @skyboy63: YES!

  • iltman

    Wow, I did not know they were dating. Boy guys are really nice, and would make a great couple on Strictly

  • bambinoitaliano

    I enjoyed watching Marcus Collins auditioned for the X Factor UK a few years back. Great personality and great attitude.

  • Mezaien

    WE! the HOMOS, will have a First “Strictly” Gay government one day you`ll see.

  • hex0

    They’re cute but celebrities? As a Brit I’ve never heard of them (although I don’t watch Simon Cowell’s braindead trash or Strictly).

  • Throbert McGee

    I don’t know much of anything about ballroom dancing, but my impression is that a lot of the “mandatory” dances to qualify are very hetero, in that the man leads and the woman follows. How do they deal with scoring in the case of a same-sex pair?
    (I remember getting into a discussion once about whether ballroom dancing could be made “more macho” for guy/guy pairs. I suggested that perhaps you could develop a new style of ballroom based on “La danse Apache” or even Brazilian capoeira — certainly, the line between dance and martial-arts choreography can be a fine one. But while such a dance might be very “masculine,” the pair would still be expected to have competence in traditional “man leads, woman follows” styles like the waltz, right?)

  • Blackceo

    Wow they make a gorgeous couple. Stunning.

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