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Champion equestrian Lee Pearson shares heartfelt message to LGBTQ community after winning gold

“Love has to prevail, really. Whatever shape or form, I think love has to prevail. If you’re born with a disability, if you have a child with a disability, if you’re born with same-sex attraction, if your daughter comes out or your son, then just love them.

Nobody wants to be different but we have to embrace different people because that’s society, that’s the world. Those different people they’re not going anywhere.

So you can say it’s illegal, you can make them feel awful, but somewhere in the world another gay boy or girl will be born. Somewhere in the world someone will be born with no limbs. Do you know what I mean?

Life goes on and it’s silly in this day and age when we have countries that are still in the stone age, as we say, 100 years behind. But I’m just a horse rider. Promise.”— Out equestrian Lee Pearson, asked what his message to the LGBTQ community is after winning the gold medal in the Grade II individual test in dressage at the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. This was Pearson’s 12th gold medal since his Paralympic debut in 2000.