Charles Knipp “Glad To Be Boogeyman”

We knew it was only a matter of time before controversial performer Charles Knipp spoke out against detractors who call his portrayal of black women racist. In case you haven’t been keeping up, Knipp’s made a name for himself as Shirley Q. Liquor: a “comedic” black face caricature chock full of negative stereotypes of black women. People weren’t laughing, to say the least.

Homo-journo Jasmyne Cannick helped lead the crusade against Knipp’s act, a move that led GLAAD to break its silence and issue a statement against Knipp – a statement many accused of being disingenuous, considering their silence on the Isaiah Washington shit storm. Of his particular shit storm, Knipp had this to say:

I don’t mind critics. I’m not scared of controversy…I’m so glad black and white folk, especially the gay community, are finally getting the REAL discussion started. I’m glad to be the ‘boogeyman’ if Americans of various races will finally speak TRUTH to each other. This politically correct shit has done nothing but silence the conversation that black and white Americans have needed to have for WAY too long now.

So, he’s sort of like John Amaechi. Only less black.