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Chaz Bono Removed His Breasts While Cameras Rolled

“I just knew I wanted to be a boy,” says Chaz Bono in Becoming Chaz, which premiered last night at Sundance (with stepmom Rep. Mary Bono in attendance) and will air on OWN. So is the documentary just going to be an expose on gender identity in the celebrity spotlight? Of course — and more. Cameras followed Chaz during his breast removal surgery, relays Marc Malkin, and during discusses of below-the-waist procedures and hormone therapy. “Definitely being born as a woman was a lot harder than being famous,” Chaz told an audience member during a Q&A. “You can figure out how to work that one, but if you’re a guy in a woman’s body you’re just screwed pretty much.” Well, unless you’re willing to undergo surgery and have cameras follow you: Chaz is already working on a sequel with producer-directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato. Perhaps it’ll be titled Becoming Michael Chiklis, after the actor whose body type Chaz would love to have.