Check Out Europe’s Gay Car Of The Year—And Queer Autos Of Yesteryear


The French gay vintage-car enthusiast group Ledorga has spoken. And the European Gay Car of the Year for 2012 is: the Citroën DS4.

No, we’d never heard of it either.

It’s a new model from longtime quirky French automaker Citroën and it’s not even available in the U.S.

Ledorga’s winners are chosen by votes on the group’s website. The group’s been doing it every year since 2005 and, last year,  the Citroën CS3 just missed out on the top spot, claimed by the Peugeot RCZ.

The DS4 is cute and all, but our gaycardar isn’t exactly going haywire over this roadster. So we thought we’d rev up our picks and drive out some of the queerest cars of all time.

Did we miss a homo Hummer or sassy Subaru? Park it in the comments and let us know—then go slap a gay license plate on your car!

Click through for some of the gayest automobiles to sashay down the road.

Photo: M 93