China’s Sperm Will Destroy Us All!

The Chinese have taken all the fun out of Viagra ads!

While American ads show graying men with a coy smile, perhaps a glass of wine and an eager lover, the communist nation’s focusing solely on the erection-producing pills reproductive possibilities.

Unless, of course, Chinese consumers truly care whether or not their sperm will obliterate a woman’s ovaries.

(Many a thanks to Copyranter!)

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  • SeaFlood

    Oh, I LOVE that picture! It makes me giggle!

  • Mr. B

    I think that’s supposed to be an egg cell, you sillies. Come on, didn’t you pay ANY attention in bio class? ;)

  • dizzyspins

    Why would China want to hightlight the reproductive benefits of Viagra. I thought they had a massive overpopulation issue. Unless they’re hoping to take over the world by overrunning it.

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