Chris Crocker, Colby Melvin Out-Gay Themselves In Greatest “Mean Girls” Parody Ever

Todrick Hall, the video vixen/mastermind behind such hilarious parodies as Beauty and the Beat,CinderFella and Cinderoncé, is about to destroy your Facebook and Twitter feeds with his latest (and greatest!) project yet. This man has some brilliant gems under his belt, but he’s truly out-gayed himself this time.

Think of Mean Boyz as a marriage between RuPaul’s Drag Race, a go-go boy, and the internet. The hilarious recreation of the classic gay favorite features underwear model Colby Melvin and porn princess Chris Crocker among a cast of wildly talented performers that have pretty much devoted their lives to improving that which cannot be improved.

Forget everything you know about parodies. This video is Mean Girls reinvented; it deserves an Oscar. Be prepared to learn a whole new vernacular and finally see your favorite film the way it was intended to be seen: Through the eyes of a drag queen.