Christian Couple Warn Gay Waiter He’ll Burn In Hell, Tip 20 Percent In The Meantime

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 8.43.33 AMHere’s the advice a gay server has for a couple who recently wrote “straight” on their receipt and left along a bit of fire and brimstone Christian literature: don’t.

Britton Weaver of Boise, Idaho seems about as nice a guy as they come. He recently served a middle-aged couple lunch, and remembers them as pleasant and respectful.

That is, until the bill came.

“They signed their receipt not as their first or last name, they signed it as Straight,” said Weaver.

And before we all laugh at the giant mixup that Mr. and Mrs. Straight always seem to wind up in (those scamps), the pamphlet titled What you miss by being a Christian with the eye-popping (and soul-damning) headline “HELL!” made their intention crystal clear.

“I got a little offended. I got a little angered by it,” said Weaver.

A little?!

Maybe the 21% tip helped soften the unsolicited “you’ll burn for eternity if you don’t address your perversion” message.

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