Christian DJ Refuses To Play At Gay Man’s 60th Birthday, Compares Gays To Nazis And The KKK

sad birthdayDoes the Bible prohibit Christian disc jockeys from playing music at gay men’s birthday parties? Apparently so, if you listen to the owners of Ultrasound Deejays in Maryland.

Dani Tsakounis and her brother Tom just wanted to do something special for their roommate’s 60th birthday. So they planned him a party. They contacted Ultrasound Deejays about providing tunes for the bash. But when the company learned the birthday boy was a homosexual, it backed out.

“I just said, ‘We won’t be able to do it, we’re a Christian organization and it would go against our faith, I’m sorry,’” Michael Lampiris, co-owner of Ultrasound Deejays, told the Washington Post. “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

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According to the company’s website, it provides “Family-Friendly Entertainment with clean cut music.” It also has a long laundry list of all the types of events it won’t do, including:

We will not play music that contains profanity or vulgarity.

We will not support a new teen dance style called “freaking.”

We will not tolerate provocative dancing or actions.

We will not participate with strippers or be involved in any event with strippers.

We will not be involved in any event with fortune tellers, psychics, or magicians.

We will not be involved in any event that celebrates Halloween.

We will not be involved in any event involving homosexual celebration or activity. We follow biblical morality.

We do not work on Sundays.

In other words: Nothing fun.

The state of Maryland banned discrimination based on sexual orientation in public accommodation, which includes businesses “offering goods, services, entertainment,” back in 2001, but Lampiris says he’s not concerned.

“It’s important for us to make a stand,” he said. “We don’t want to go against the law, but we also sometimes are called to do that if it goes against your faith. To me it would be like a synagogue having to cater to a neo-Nazi party or black DJ having to do a KKK dance.”

Sounds like someone’s positioning himself to launch a GoFundMe campaign.

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